Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Randomness

1. Had a long weekend in Italy, my first time there. More later

2. Experienced car spotting by proxy jealousy for the first time. More later. Let's just say Bugatti and Veyron for now.

3. I've discovered the FCB grid and the Lotus Blosson diagram. They're neither vehicles nor plants, but tools to help creativity. I play with them. Like a child with toys. New ones.

4. I've been thinking of buying a "man sofa". You know the score; dark brown leather, contemporary design that women won't like.

5. Initial results from my Dad's chemo are better than expected. Early days but good news nonetheless.

6. The iPad 2 - that question of when, more than if. The answer of "now" is getting closer all the time.

7. I looked up the definition of Schadenfreude. I see lots of people gulping it down with gusto with regards to the looting in the UK. That really makes me laugh. Seriously. Get over yourselves.

8. Not every list needs to go to ten.


Marc said...

glad to hear about your dad.
ipad 2 - no question !

Lady divine said...

Italy? WOW!

An Italian experiences to be expected later? ;-)