Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tell Me It's Not True

Sittingnut retweets a tweet by one RKKrishnan which says:

"Norway and England got what they deserved - this feeling is across the board in Sri Lanka, ppl tell me."

Sittingnut also retweeted a reply from sl130 who says:

"wrong mr. we sri lankans are not happy about those incidents. what we ask them is accept what terrorism is and not to support it"

Everyone I know here in London seems shocked, saddened and dismayed by what's happened and is happening.

What's your view from the motherland?


Mahasen Bandara said...

People - no matter where they live - don't deserve it. (Ain't that why it's called terrorism?)

British and Norwegian administrations however, need to open their eyes. (Not to believe the government of Sri Lanka - that even the Sri Lankans don't believe in - but not to believe LTTE propaganda or the Sri Lankan opposition as well). That leaves them in a odd position without anyone to trust; but that's where we, the average sri lankans, stand as well regarding the whole thing.

They should treat terrorists and established governments at its face value.

Scrumps said...

What did the ordinary British people do to deserve this?

We didn't deserve this. But I will remember this comment the next time a Sri Lankan politician is assassinated! They probably deserved it too.

rajivmw said...

I've spoken about this to a number of people here in SL. I sometimes sensed of a bit of schadenfreude, but also sadness and empathy. Not one of them said that England deserved it. I'd say the reaction of most people was a mixture of disbelief and puzzlement: yeah, London, wtf is going on there??

RD, I hope you and your family and friends have been keeping safe and well through this all this.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Scrumps - I don't really think anyone deserves any of this, in either country. It's crap. 100%

Rajiv - Thanks very much. It's a little bit tense, trying to filter the rumours and chinese whispers from what's actually going on. Everyone I know is safe, but it's shocked all of us.

My girls got back tonight from a holiday with their mother, so it's a bit of a shock to them!

Patta Pal said...

I cannot understand why people in SL get all excited about what is happening in London. Violence or destruction is regrettable wherever it happens, and it is always of concern to ensure one's family or friends are safe in times such as this. Otherwise it is a matter for the UK authorities to investigate and solve.

It is only Sri Lankans who have some chip on their shoulders who point fingers at the UK to make comparisons with SL. It is not a comparable situation, and until we know the real reasons we should not criticize just comment.

In my opinion it could be a mixture of copycat, pack instinct of youth culture, with little going for them taking an opportunity to rebel and loot, and have a go at the Police who they also appear to despise! I maybe wrong.

Also the use of SMS makes it easier to spread rumor and make mischief so that also may have paid an added role in the lawlessness of aimless youth.

Truly, Madly, and Deeply said...

London, Riots and Mobs, I mean, London, Lanka and Drums, please do an in-depth analysis of the current state of affairs in England, as you so often do riotously of similar matters of Sri Lanka. Thank you in advance!

Gallicissa said...

Just so you know, Mr. Cameron's address in front of No.10 is a fine example of reading the riot act. :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Truly, Madly, and Deeply - Thanks, I intend to. Watch this space.

Patta Pal - One of the things I've observed is the difference between the perception of the situation by people in the UK compared to people outside the UK. More on that later!

Angel said...

I'm horrified and saddened by the events in both countries. A trigger-happy catalyst, and then uncontrollable violence... and it is the ordinary folks who are affected.

Stay safe!

David Blacker said...

I think the Snuts and other nutjobs probably are happy about it and are telling themselves that everyone is as well, but that's largely a load of bullshit.

But I say largely. 'Cos you know, imagine you're having some family problems, your daughter's on drugs and has a boyfriend who steals cars, and you're not sure what to do. But you've got this holier-than-thou neighbour who keeps telling you what a fucked up parent you are. Then your neighbour's daughter runs away with a drug dealer who gets her pregnant. How would you feel? You're not happy about it, and it doesn't solve your own probs, but perhaps it'll shut that neighbour up for awhile. know what I mean?

Jack Point said...

Patta Pal, what you see is the effect of the government propaganda.

People in SL have bought into the Government line of thinking which goes roughly on these lines:

1. Any violence is automatically equal to what took place here.
2. Therefore either/or

(a) the foreign government was lax unlike in SL, therefore this justifies our every action to prevent this;
(b) you picked on us this is a great payback, ha ha ha serves you right.

This is regardless of what the incident is.

Unemployment and poverty breed discontent. The UK has been in recession since 2008, with renewed uncertainty over the Euro it is a tinderbox. Precursors of this were witnessed in Ireland and (more directly related to the crisis), in Greece.

These were also the causes of the revolution taking place in the Middle East.

The economy in SL is not particularly hot (regardless of the Central Bank statistics), job creation low (due to low private investment) and inflation is still high.

The UK is an important market for tourist, tea and garments the expected downturn in going to have an effect in SL anyway. The riots will not help anybody.

Jack Point said...

Just to add; what is taking place in London is a riot, not terrorism, as there is no political objective to the violence.

SL will feel the slowdown, the finances of the country may come to resemble those of the cricket board. Will this lead to the same result as in London?

Jack Dee said...

Agree with Patta-pal - amusing to see some of the Sri Lankans living there and here gng. on about how easily SL govt./police would've brought this under control - possibly like what we did at katunayaka recently.

I'd say the relatively civilized world doesn't always think/work like most of our yaKko's do - i.e. that the end Justifies the means?!

Blacker - your funny maan. ;)


sittingnut said...

(blogger here censors me after
referring to me in post! lol)

2nd time posting this

why no link or post screenshot of my tweets. afraid of ppl seeing my other tweets?
only your censored version of what happened allowed here huh? lol

(this part new)
this typical dishonesty allows army deserter david blacky son of homophobe anglican clergyman to attack me through silly speculations

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hello Sittingnut, answers to your questions are as follows:

You are not censored. I haven't received any other comment from you.

I looked at doing a link but Twitter doesn't seem to want me to do it. No screenshot because I don't know how to do it and I don't really care.

David Blacker isn't an army deserter. Out of interest what service have you done for the armed forces there?

sittingnut said...
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sittingnut said...

lol @ silly excuses and lies

twitter does not allow linking ? lol
my 1st tweet referred here[ btw look up who the original tweeter is by clicking through to his profile]

if i can link it in comments you can link it in post.

you always say you don't censor but 1/2 my comments always do not appear. conveniently for you and loser like blacky boy( who is a deserter who got pardoned during unp admin ) ! lol

no i don't boast of my services.
you are free to think that means i never served if you think that helps your bankrupt argument here. lol

David Blacker said...

For the record, I am not a deserter and was discharged from the SL Army on medical grounds. Snut just hates the fact that he didn't have the balls to actually fight from anywhere other than his keyboard, and that too hiding behind anonymity. I am also not insulted to be called black (though I am not black), and am quite comfortable with my ethnicity. My father is also not Anglican, and never has been; nor is he, as far as I know, homophobic. The eagerness with which Snut attacks my family just indicates his upbringing and background which was probably devoid of a family. Treat him with pity; he can't help himself, and some mornings he forgets to take his medication.