Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Any ideas?

Me and my brother arrive in Colombo this coming Saturday. Has anyone got any good suggestions for what to do on Saturday night?

Things like live music and clubs and food are what we are looking for, no poncey stuff for us!

Any help would be much appreciated.



Mr. Evil said...

Hmmm.. saturday 2nd there is a beach party at buba i think.. its a pool party as they have said and bbq.. music and all that as usuall.. www.colombonightlife.net is the site.

Also saturday nights are late starting nights. Zanziba is a good place to start off..

tabu will be dead till a bit past midnight..

Unless onyx is having a promo that place will be rather deat till bout 11 or so..

h2o.. well i don't like the place after 30th of dec hence i don't step in there.. buggers rip you off and lose your bottles.. joke going there..

rnb.. what the hell.. decent crowd and nice to dance to a band once in a while! lol!

Clancys on sat night is like boys night out.. stay away man..

where else.. oh well thats the usual..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Mr Evil - If I bump into you please feel free to grab me and get me to buy you as many drinks as you desire. Your response is way above and beyond the call of duty, I thank you.

Suchetha said...

onyx (old MKOP) is not as good as mk
sopranos is ok for karaokefication
zanzi is definitely the best start off place
my usual night goes ch&fc for dinner and drinks (starting the motor), zanzi for more drinks (revving up), tabu for drinks and dancing (cruising speed), rnb for more drinks and generally falling over (overdrive)


Anush said...

as Mr Evil mentioned...the Pooool party on Saturday.... at Buba... picture inflatable pools on the beach.... should be hella good...
Holla for tkts - +94777732686

childof25 said...

dam straight no h20 or clancys, former are fucking cheats, latter is just weird these days...tabu all the way! Never..sigh..been to buba so no opinion on that...enjoy urself R and think of us poor expats suffering Lanka withdrawel:)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks for your advice, Co25 thanks for your wishes, I'll try my best to have a good time but it won't be easy!

Where are Tabu and Buba by the way?

shimmi said...

tabu is near clancey's, upstairs from some sports club/swimming pool place?

buba will prob be at mt. lavinia beach & you might need to organise tickets before heading all the way down there.

i give my vote to r'n'b, pretty much fun any day of the week last time i was there.

childof25 said...

oh yeah FYI Tabu and RnB have fairly older crowds...not battas like h20...RnB is a bit older though..and Tabu is couples only...u might want to hit Evil up..he can get u in and hes a friendly little fella ;)...