Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy to be home, can't wait to be going!

Back in glorious Teddington. The week is a fucking mentally busy one with a lucky bank holiday Monday thrown in to give me the time (?) to mow the lawn and do domestic stuff like that. As luck would have it we are just in the middle of some sort of downpour so I am using the time productively to surf the net and daydream.

Friday night sees me and the bro flying to Colombo. It looks like I'll be able to take my iPod on the plane, which is a good thing on a 15 hour flight I can tell you.

Poland was good, I've got a few long essays in my head, one in particular about the impact of digital photography on the average Joe. How many tourists snap away at sights without really experiencing the ambience of the location and then rush on to the next place to take their next photo. I'll write it another time after I've uploaded all my photographs of Poland!

If you're in Colombo next week keep an eye out for me!

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Mr. Evil said...

Hmmm.. i dunnoooooo realllyyy... I mean you can throw it at someone and kill them? Hope you have a nano! lol!