Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I can't wait

Only a few weeks to go before I hit Colombo.

I've got a grand tour of Poland before. Involving trains, wife, children, mountains, town and country, with the new camera. So that should be interesting and new.

Then I've got nearly a week back at work and I hit CMB with my Bro for a week. To clarify a point here; when I say "bro" I mean my brother, not some youthful Americanism for a friend from the hood or anything like that.

Then, in the nearer future I've got a Mimosa gig tonight where we are being supported by a great band called Kaldera. Their drummer has got a great reputation and I'm looking forward to meeting him and hearing him play.

Life is all rather exciting!


anush wij said...

get in touch when your down mate! It'll be good to meet a fellow Londoner....

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Will do - I'll be there from the 2nd til the 10th of Sept, would be good to meet with a few bloggers if anyone's around.