Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gorgeous girls in sexy clothes, hot weather and men.

Caution - This is an outrightly sexist post. For real men only. And it's all thanks to Child of 25 for his inspirational photos.

I was chatting with B, my wing man, mate of the past 20 or so years, business partner, minder, goalscorer and all round genial chap. That really is the best way to describe the geezer and it's all true.

We were pondering on why women always get better looking and more attractive in the warmer weather. That is, in countries like the UK where we have seasons.

Me and B on a summer's lunchtime can often be seen at our local Tesco. We peruse the sandwiches and ogle the women. In a non pervy way of course (almost). We exchange knowing winks, we study G strings and bra lines and then we go and look at women!

Without any shadow of a doubt there is a direct correlation between sunny weather and the frequency of sighting of gorgeous ladies and we can't figure out exactly why. Possible but unproven explanations are as follows:

Warm weather makes women wear less clothes. Indisputable. Breasts and bums always look better when exposed. I am told some men prefer a bit to be left to the imagination though. Probably just weirdos who don't like Baywatch.

Skin colour appears less pale in the sun. Again this is true. A warm glow looks better than a pale shade of pink.

Us blokes are more "on heat" in the warm weather. I suppose so. We still get hard ons in the winter though. It's true that many are in a more jovial and friendly mood when the sun comes out.

All the nice women "hibernate" in the colder months. It's not very realistic but it does seem as if it happens. There might be an artificial city on the outskirts of London full to the brim with stunners. They go there during the cold spell and revel in the synthetic sunshine and buy sexy summer clothing. Then, when the summer breaks, they go back to their cities to torment the men, replaced by all the uglies who go there and get cold and miserable. There are even day release women who come out on the odd sunny day at the wrong time of year.

It's probably a combination of all the above. Boring but true.

So what do you think? And are Parisian women better than London women?

Now that's a question!


shimmi said...

apparently more people are concieved in summer as well.

i think also girls make more effort to look nice in summer, in terms of removing hair etc.

also cold weather isn't always good for skin, (dries it out), while sun not only gives colour but also a healthy glow.

and also people eat better in summer (esp fruit), and drink more water, which is a lot better stodgy than winter diets.

Anonymous said...

"direct correlation between sunny weather and the frequency of sighting of gorgeous ladies" are u talkin about uk only or all around?? if all around, col has a nice sunny weather throughout, the rare occurance of g's n b lines are at min... care to explain?? well col over there years have bcum a fashion statement when it comes to g's n b's but still lacks talent n accessories to support al that. i guess its common to peruse the sandwich/snack/anythin around to ogle at these beauties..men have a hard doesnt matter wht season it is, he works all around the clock n season, poor fella. Persians definitly take it awy from the londoners man.. on any day, sunny or non.

Anonymous said...

I think you may have found a soul mate in my husband.. he is the happiest in summer.. eyeing the straps and strings as he calls it!!!!! Man thing I suppose..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

lo$t $ - I was really referring to countries which have changes in the weather. I guess places like SL, where the weather is fairly constant, are not going to witness these changes in dress etc. I must add that I have seen some damn gorgeous ladies in CMB. YOur feelings on Persian women are noted, what do you think about Parisians? I'll count you as a vote for the Paris lovelies in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

oh im not sayin the lankans totally lack the talent, does have the hots n can steam up the weather a notch higher ;-) it does gets with the ladies... my preference is south asian(sl, indian), hispanics, southamericans, then i'd be london, black/white americans.. chinese other chinongs don come in the list at al man. Parisians, hmmm some... you got my vote on that. whats your ideal??

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I think some of the Parisian women have an incredible amount of natural style, but some London ladies can't be beaten for sheer natural beauty, so it's a combination of the 2. Or just Jennifer Aniston will do me nicely!

Sophist said...

The thing is exercise plays a big part in the whole things. The cold weather is prohibitive and leads to a paunch, pale skin and general lackadaisia among women AND men in the winter.

The thing about summer is that it's so short that the most must be made out of it. Sri Lankans don't appreciate warm weather because its not scarce.

Also the consumer culture makes sure that people must be properly attired for summer hence the visibility of what is otherwise well covered under several layers of wool (also designer wool).

Paris by far and away. You're less likely to pull in a Paris bar but that's because of the lack of English slags. If sophistication and elegance float your boat Paris it is. And they're all so thin....mmmm.

N said...

Parisian girls are nice, but London girls have nicer buts, must be all that walking...that said NY! Damn...kept walking into lamposts over there, even SF is pretty damn good when the suns out.

Persians are frikking hot as well, went to a Persian party once and almost broke down in tears...but SL girls are my preference though (well brown skinned at least)...Saira Mohan...mmmm....

Nice to see my photography skills are being appreciated:)..."I'm speechless" seems a pretty damn popular picture! Understandable I guess

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

So far we have a fairly even spread between Londoners and Parisians and one each for South Asians, New Yorkers and San Franciscoans? Any advances on that?

the1truecoolguy said...

No offense, but: Parisian women over London women ANY day! In general the women I observed in London were typically hefty (not necessarily chunky), but big-boned.

In all my travels around North America, Europe and Asia, I would honestly still have to say the best looking women are right here, in Montreal, Canada. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself...we've got a great mix of everything you could ever want! ;)

I was actually doing an unofficial (i.e. in my head) study of good looks in various parts of the world. My methodology was: Go to the downtown area of whatever city (Stockholm, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Colombo, etc.) and count the number of women you see vs. the number of good looking ones. Keep count until A) You reach 25-50 women with 0 hotties and you lose hope OR B) You count 10 good looking ones and then see the total. I can honestly say that in Montreal, if you walk around downtown, at least 1 out of every 3-4 women is GOOD LOOKING. I won't get into statistics of other cities just yet! ;)

This is a pretty long comment...this might turn into its own post on MY blog! ha ha