Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Hold on a minute lads.....I've got a great idea.

I was going to call this post "What a great day" or even "What a fucking great day". Yesterday really was that good. But I didn't, largely because one of the things I shall proceed to tell you about has also given me a brilliant idea.

When I started blogging I set out to try to give a positive image of myself. I think I'm a reasonably positive person, I like to think of myself as a bit of an action man, and that's not just the current hairstyle. But, yesterday was a one in a million, a truly joyful day, one which kept me smiling. It was a bit like Sgt Bilko's lucky day, but only fellow Bilko fans will understand that reference.

It all started in the morning, as many of my days do. One of my first "to dos" was to call the shop that I had ordered my new camera and lens from to see what the state of play about my order was. On the previous day the helpful man had told me that the lens was out of stock and wouldn't be in for another 2 weeks at least. Bum.

Mr Canon dealer told me that the camera had been despatched to me and the lens will actually arrive sooner than expected, probably in less than a week. This was better than I had been promised and would have been a sufficient dose of good stuff to do me for a whole day on its own.

Then one of my loyal servants brought me the post for the day and I saw a large box. I opened said large box and found my new camera inside. Yippee and deep joy. The lens thing wasn't a huge dealbreaker as I have a bagful of decent Canon lenses at home which will do fine for now.

I continued opening the post and came across a large yellow envelope. Pardon my language here but, on seeing the contents, I almost did come across it too. Let me elaborate.

For a long time Dominic Sansoni has been my favourite photographer. Adams, Doisneau and Cartier Bresson are all well and good but they're just juniors in comparison. (Embarrassed now?)

I think my admiration for his work is based on a few things but the way he "sees" colour and light is just so different to many other people's view that I find myself staring at his images for a long, long time.

Then there is his choice of subject, often Sri Lanka, its people or wildlife or scenery. If you've read my blog before you'll know about my feelings for Sri Lanka so I won't bore you. If you haven't read my blog before then hello, how are you?

We also have a distant connection. Our maternal Grandmothers were best buddies and I suppose that's a nice personal touch to have too. And I've got loads of Barefoot sarongs.

I have mentioned my appreciation of his work before and recently he asked me for my address to send me some of his work. The more mentally able of you will have realised that the yellow envelope contained the aforementioned work. For the more stupid people well, the envelope was full of Dominic Sansoni's photographs.

How chuffed was I now? What a nice guy and what a nice gesture. They look great and, as we are about to get the office redecorated, they will soon be seen adorning the walls of my Company. I was so, so pleased to get something like that. It was one of those random acts of kindness.

Then, in the evening, I had a top band practice with Mimosa. We are heading into the studio at the weekend to do a 3, or maybe 4, track demo and this was out last rehearsal prior to that. It was good, we sounded good, we felt good and it was an evening full of smiles, laughter and funky music. It's a privilege to know that we will be recording songs which I have helped to write.

Also I got an email from someone else whose work I admire in which he said that he reads and likes my blog. I had no idea he had even glanced at it and it made me rather more happy than I was already, quite a feat. Thanks Mr J.

So a big show of hands to all the people that contributed to my joyful day, some of whom don't even know it, but thanks anyhow.

The idea? Oh yes. Well, all I did was mention Dominic's work and my aprreciation of it a few times, nothing more really.

So I'd just like to say what a fan I am of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. It's lovely and you can email me to get a delivery address.

And OCDP drum kits are really the best ones I have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Good on your. Enjoy the pics.. He has so many fans!

N said...

nice one mate, the 400D? Isn't it just amazing to have new toys to keep one busy?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

n -it's really wicked but I've hardly had any time to try it out properly yet. Bummer!

I'm off now, have a good weekend!