Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Heather, you haven't got a leg to stand on.

The Sir Paul McCartney and Heather thing looks pretty one sided doesn't it. The majority think that she is a gold digger and there is little foundation for the allegations she has made. That majority, which includes me, may be wrong. It's bloody unlikely though.

The allegations were clearly something that she was going to use as a threat in order to increase the settlement, all behind closed doors. The plan must have been banking on him paying out more money in order to prevent this going public and the hassle involved in fighting it. After all, some mud always sticks, doesn't it? It was never much of a plan really. When Blackadder talked about someone being "more cunning than a fox that was a Professor of cunning at Oxford University", he wasn't exactly talking about people like Heather Mills.

But it got leaked and her plan has been scuppered. No one wants to believe that Paul McCartney, a Great British hero, icon and institution, is a wife beater. In all his years of marriage to Linda there was never any hint of scandal, apart from the odd dope smoking episode or three. The only bad thing he ever did was that Frog Chorus song, which was actually quite unforgivable. Oh, Ebony and Ivory was pretty bad too.

The latest news is that she is going to sue a few newspapers for making "false, damaging and immensely upsetting statements". That should be interesting.

So Lady Mills / McCartney or whatever title you have gained, leave it alone. You're going to get a few squillion quid anyway, not bad for a few years work. Just quit messing with the bloke who wrote "Yesterday".

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Anonymous said...

Your right no way has he done all that crap.