Friday, October 6, 2006

I want Hot Chocolate!!

I was reading someone's blog last night, I honestly can't remember which blog it was, and I saw an amusing exchange of comments between Savi and Savi3. Most in the SL blogosphere are probably aware of them.

But it made me remember that Savi's blog was one of my favourites and I haven't read it for a while. I had a glance and realised it was because it looks like it may have sadly passed away. It hasn't been updated since August and, in this fast paced cyberworld, that is the equivalent of about 24 years of normal life.

So Savi, please start blogging again. I enjoyed reading of life in St Andrews and I miss it. Or are you too busy eating haggis, drinking whisky and wearing kilts to think of us, your loyal readers?

If anyone else misses her then add a comment. There's nothing like a bit of public pressure.


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

What, no public pressure then?

Savi said...

aww...R, I'm so touched, I cant help grinning...yes, a few people like you and the evil lankan and a few of my friends have asked me what happened to the blog...

It's just that the past one month had been crazy for me and I have just barely had time to sit and read kottu, keep away blog..but I promise you that I shall start blogging within the next 7days..

Hot chocolate is far from dead, my friend!

thanks again :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Excellent news S, I'll look forward to it.

sach said...

One portion of public pressure coming right up (that line was lame but wanted to say it nevertheless) Savi and savi3 have confused me for so long that I've given up trying to figure out which one is commenting on which blog. And Savi (hot chocolate), there was no way of leaving a message on your blog (i think) so thanks for telling me about harshini, she's now a friend of mine at uni. There you go Mr.Drummer, public pressure.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ms Journalist - Thanks for the support! Mr Drummer