Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thanks Anon and thanks Electra

For the last few days I've been having an online debate with someone who has so far stayed anonymous, all in the post I made about local and tourist prices. Initially I thought that I had touched a nerve or angered Anon but, as our debate continued it became clear to me that Anon felt passionately about our chosen subject.

We've had, and are still having, a stimulating discussion. I am enjoying it and it makes a nice refreshing change from many of the online arguments I see online, where there is untold namecalling and personal insults and the like. I hope Anon has enjoyed / is enjoying it too.

Then, Electra has said some kind words, all thoroughly deserved ;), about my band, Mimosa. She has impeccable taste that woman!

Anon, that was my first smiley, albeit totally fucked up, and all down to you.

So, thanks to Electra for the words and thanks to Anon for the lively and stimulating debate. The best fun I've had not involving nakedness or drums for a long time!

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