Monday, January 29, 2007

I just can't help myself

When I'm standing at the queue for the "10 items or less" checkout I can't help but count the items in people's baskets. If I can't see them or if I try not to do it, I catch myself counting the number of "beeps" as the items are scanned. Then, in true Brit fashion, if they have more than 10 items, I say nothing anyway.

When I'm sitting at my desk working at my computer and I receive an email I get that beep sound to tell me. I can't hold out for longer than it takes to finish the line I'm typing, the calculation I'm doing or the immediate bit of data I'm handling. I'm just not one of those who can happily not look at their inbox for an hour or so. Even if I just look to get an overview of the email to decide whether to read further or not, then I can continue happily.

I start to feel physically uncomfortable if I hear a phone ringing more than three times before it's answered. It's just inside me that any business phone should be answered within three, sometimes four, rings.

I get really pissed off with people who park in the disabled or Mother and baby spaces in supermarkets.

If you can't talk then don't answer your phone. Turn it off, or at least put it on silent. True story - I was interviewing some chap for a sales job a few years ago and, mid interview, he said "excuse me" then answered the mobile that was ringing in his pocket. He finished the call and I chucked him out.

One more thing - Rhythmic gets strangely frustrated and puzzled by people who refer to themselves in the third person.


JJ said...

Obsessive? Compulsive? A syndrome common to many - sometimes gets in the way and sometimes results in many advantages (like efficiency?). Main deal would be to use it to enhance and not to 'get in the way' - don't you think?

julesonline said...

:) Can relate to the ringing phones thing - why do people leave them unattended and on loud? I tend to go over and turn their mobile off for them! Even worse, why do people need them on loud when they're right in front of them - are they aurally challenged or too lazy to change the setting?! FYI - I read an interesting article a while ago that claimed the biggest obstacle to increasing productivity of office workers today is constant interruption (email, text, phone, msn, open-plan layout, etc..)!

Darwin said...

I suspect I have many of the OCD-isms you've mentioned. Actually people who use mobile phones for extended periods of time when in company (not just at something official like an interview) are rude twats IMO. There's a time and a place for everything and no I do not want to sit across you having coffee while you chose to update everyone who calls you on how you got dumped and how you need to get your nails done (you see why I don't have many 'girlfriends').

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Mr Jones - I think you're right, harnessing these things is the key.

Jules - I remember watching a documentary a while ago in which the MD of a company had banned the use of mobiles in the office. At the time I laughed and thought it was a ridiculous idea, bordering on infringing human rights. Now, I wish I'd put it in place here years ago.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin - Yes, the phone thing is just plain rudeness. I always switch my phone off when I'm in a meeting unless there's an emergency going on, then I'll ask the other person / people if they mind if I keep my phone on because of said crisis.

S said...

I read people with migraines are less tolerant of noise - I myself can't hear a phone ring more than four times without feeling compelled to answer it.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

s - That's interesting as I'm a migraine sufferer, although very infrequent these days. I think my phone thing stems from my first office job, at a Company that had a policy of phones always being answered within 3 rings.