Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Latest from London

8.20 AM - I got in quite late last night after the last band practice before Mimosa's biggest gig ever on Thursday. All was flowing along nicely and I find myself excited in a slightly nervous way about playing to an audience of about 500 to 600 people. Actually it's not the 498 to 598 people that I'm nervous about playing to, it's the 2 specific ones, called my Parents. It'll be the first time they've seen the band and I'll be bollocksed if I can figure out why that makes me a bit nervy, they saw my last band many times and that never bothered me.
When I got up this morning I took a look out of the window, only to see snow everywhere. I made my toilet, then sat on it, then did all else and left the house. There's about 4 inches of snow settled everywhere. It even makes the rough housing estate in the back of Southall that I drive through look rather picturesque, although you won't see me standing around taking pictures there. Partly because I'm scared and partly because I forgot to grab my camera as I left the house.
That pleasant muffled ambience is roaming around on the streets too. All the usual background traffic noise is subdued and muted and it makes for a pleasant change in acoustics. I reckon I can tell if there is a lot of snow settled just by listening sometimes.
Driving the commute was fun, if slightly dangerous. All the main roads were good, the volume of traffic had cleared the snow and that was just like driving in rain. But the side roads are like driving on ice, and that'll be because I was driving on ice. So turning off a main road onto a side road is fun and exciting as one doesn't know whether the car will grip or slide. I actually saw some drivers going so slowly that there was no danger of their car sliding. Idiots!
That's it for now, just thought I'd let you lot know what the score is.
PS - I haven't got a clue why this post has turned out looking the way it does, I've tried to stick empty lines between the paragraphs but it's gone a bit mad and looks like one big chunk of text. Sorry.


Niroshan said...

Thank you RD or keepin' us informed about day to day life in London...
And SNOW!When will we, the ordinary Sri Lankan folks, ever get to experience that.

Anonymous said...

we had one inch of snow in west london and boy the trains were f...ed as usual. RD it was terrible. I had to traipse all the way to Excel centre for the British Toy and Hobby Fair and yes we done good today!!!!!! Anyway good luck woth the gig..... I am sure you will drum your little heart out!!!!

Indyana said...

I could almost SEE what you were describing in this post...nice one!
And, by the way, I write chunks of hurried text all the time, and keep wondering "how does MR. RD make his posts look so neat?"...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Niroshan - I would hazard a wild guess that you won't see any in SL or the Maldives! Sadly it's now Thurs AM and there was no more in this part of London last night.

Anon - Thanks for your wishes, I think it will be a blast. Glas to hear you did well at the toy fair too.

Indyana - As always thanks for your kind words.