Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bye Then

The final day is here. After my looking forward to this week so much I feel as if I've had a monumental and life changing one.

There's tons of stuff I'll be writing about in the weeks to come, I've no intention of trying to get it all down in one post.

To every person I've met I just want to say thanks. From Java to Mala, from Photographer to Doco Maker, from Cliff's drummer to Shiraaz and from Naz to B.

Thanks and bye. I'll be out and about doing the family visiting thing today and popping into places, buying presents and doing all the stuff I should have done all week. The more of you I bump into the happier I'll be.

I don't know exactly why but I feel a tad emotional writing this. I've met so many wonderful people and received such kindness that I feel honoured.

So, as the French say. I hope it's not "goodbye".

Let's just call it a "Bonjour".



Indyana said...

sniff! I guess I was the only one that didn't get to see the almost legendary RD!Sigh! the need for anonymity and other chicken hearted stuff! How sad!

Anonymous said...

i think i said this to java at an early stage - a slight variation of it anywayz - but in terms of reasons to blog, i think the last 8 days was a good enough reason wasnt it?

come by the next time the wimmin head to man.

much love,