Sunday, February 18, 2007

Even The Sun Is Different Here

This'll be a quick post. To tell you that I can't quite believe what happened to me today.

I went to Barefoot to check out the Sunday afternoon jazz that goes on. There's something about the Barefoot Garden that is beyond description. So I won't try to describe it. I have never seen a photograph, a narrative or a video clip that can put across the ambience of the place, its feel and atmosphere. As Mala said

"Even the sun is different at Barefoot."

So, there I was, in one of the most relaxing settings I can imagine, only I didn't have to imagine it because I was there. The sun was out, the music was good and the drumming was sublimely played by Shiraaz Nooramith. The devilled prawns were delicious, so much so that I nearly ate some of the salad that came with them. And I was as chilled as my Diet Coke.

The band took a break and, as I was chatting away, I heard some music come through the sound system. I knew the song, you know that " Oh what's that song again?" nanosecond of a moment? I had one of them, then realised that I knew it because it was my band. I had given a copy of our demo to Shiraaz and he had asked Mo to put it on. It was a weird few minutes. I looked around at the people to see if they were reacting to the music. Largely they weren't, just like home I thought. At least no one walked out in protest or tried to get a refund, that would have been just like home. Still, I gave the money back to the wife after she asked for the fourth time.

Seriously I felt rather dreamlike. I've heard the songs so many times and in so many places and situations that I should be used to it, but to hear them at Bareass Boulevard, in that setting with that, or rather this climate, was something else.

What else? Oh yes. I've met Java Jones, all round top geezer who thinks my accent is more British than he expected, Ravana, who taught me a new word; meetspace, not to be confused with meatspace, the internet butcher. I even met thephatone, albeit briefly.

The best bit? I got to play a song with the jazz band at the Foot, more about that later, it needs a post of its own.

And I still don't know who wans the strawberry stuff!


the1truecoolguy said...

Wow...I wish I could afford to go back to Sri Lanka!! :(

Looking forward to more of your posts from the island! :)

Indyana said...

wow! your having fun aren't you? how do you feel the traffic situation on Galle road is since last time? Better I'd think.

ravana said...

That IS 'meatspace', not 'meetspace'... oh wait... damn it, it's that darned British humour again...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ian - I think I could grow to like the place!

Indyana - I've only seen weekend traffic so far, but I'll tell you my opinion on it once the week is up. At the moment it reminds me of an old favourite joke of my Dad's:

"They're changing the traffic laws so that vehicles will drive on the right hand side instead of the left in Ireland. But, to make things easier, it will only be the lorries for the first year. then the cars will change if it's successful."

Ravana - You foxy chick you!

Indyana said...

Ah! your dad is sweet! by the way, I finally saw the Elasto sign just round the corner ,that you had mentioned earlier, only just this morning! dear, dear, I must be blind or something!

Anonymous said...

you put me in quotes n quoted me wrong now didnt u?! :) what was said to the rhythmic WAS "even the sun feels better at barefoot!". n i owe an apology to the rhythmic lovin world at large somehow for witnessing but not capturing the drumming moment coz i couldnt work his camera!

glad there's still more days to come rd :)

Anonymous said...

Did you get a good seat on Sri Lankan? Glad you are having a whale of a time? How is the air drumming going and view by the pool ha ha

Manshark said...

Hey!! The manshark was also hangin out at the Barefoot this Sunday..and I and the chick I was with were actually discussing that the music that was on while the band took a break was so good that it was WAY better than the band!! :oD Good stuff!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Manshark - Thanks, you may have seen the "guest" drummer then!