Monday, February 5, 2007

Change your style?

Got a blog?

Have a go on this then.

Put your own URL in and be amazed. Now everyone can sound like Java Jones.


the1truecoolguy said... you can refer to me as Mr. Selvarizzle! ;)

My favorite translation is probably:

"I feel it's important ta be aware of how shot calla thugz perceive you spittin' that real shit."

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Java - your comment appeared on the previous post, I couldn't move it, sorry.

Darwin said...


Then I took a closa look at tha killa puttin tha smack down. Hold on. It's addressed To tha Legal Motherfucka . Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit. Tiznell you whiznat TV Licens'n dipshits, use yo powa of 'technolizzle ta git mah fuck'n name rizzay n I M-to-tha-izzight rappa being slightly worried at yo threats but till then jizzay fizzay off n stop wast'n trees by mobbin' me stupid letta

Java Jones said...

Awright den fo da secon time today, here it be again:

Hey maaan, now who be wantin to soun like dis niggah? Yo be em-bare-assin mah ass. Altho we mus admit dis site be a fuckin trip!

An tell dat Darwin chick dat she should jus send dem scammin mudder fuckers dat respons of hers - maybe will shut dere asses up.


sach said...

I discovered Gizoogle when another blogger, Deane from Deane's Dimension made a post about it about 6 months back.

While at work, I Gizoogled Colombo Page (Sri Lankan news site) and then I called a fellow journalist and told him to read the news. He read it for a while and brought half the office over there because he thought Colombo Page had been invaded by hackers. Quite reasonable given that Mahinda Rajapakse was said to be asking the LTTE to 'shizzle ma nizzle'. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read 'Londonstani'? I think i've just realised how he did it init...
big up

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

anon - I think you could be onto something. Perhaps it was all written in Posh and then bunged through Gizoogle. Easy!