Friday, February 2, 2007

Questions to my favourites

Indyana's post about random questions she'd like to ask other bloggers made me think about the same thing. So, here's my list of "not quite but almost off the top of my head" questions to my favourite bloggers:

1. Darwin - You like Creme Eggs, I can appreciate and respect that. But, deep fried Mars Bars. What's your stance on them?

2. Lady Luck - You can swap places with one person for one day. Who would you choose?

3. Java Jones - How would your best friend describe you?

4. Nazreen Sansoni - Art or music, if you had to give up one which would you sacrifice?

5. Yo from Lanetop - Who was the best Star Trek Captain?

6. Julesonline - What is the best thing you have discovered about Sri Lanka?

7. Ian S - 1truecoolguy - You always write very thought provoking posts. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about them or do they just come out?

8. Sachini Perera, the cynical one - This cynicism and low self esteem stuff, is it good for you?

9. Indyana - What brought you to Sri Lanka? (already asked on her blog)

10. Electra - Dancing or acting? Which is your preference?

11. Child of 25 - What was the biggest change you saw going back to Sri Lanka?

12. Theena - Rage Against The Machine reforming. Good or bad?

13. DDM - How would you sell Sri Lanka to a potential tourist?

14. Hot Chocolate - Have you stopped the blog then?

Answer if you dare / want / are bothered.


Theena said...

"Rage Against The Machine reforming. Good or bad?"

Hehe..As far as I know, its only for the Coachella Festival, but even if that is the case, then good. The sooner Audioslave disbands the better as far as I am concerned.

Plus, this makes a possible Soundgarden reunion that much closer. And that would make Theena a VERY happy bunny.

Darwin said...

Ooh I love soundgarden too. Sorry for going off track. Umm I've never actually tried a deep fried Mars bar yet. The only Scottish thing I've tried so far is haggis at a Burn's Supper I went to last week. I have no idea what a deep fried mars bar would taste like so I can't even make a prediction about it either.

sach said...

Serious doubts about Theena's manhood surface when he refers to himself in terms such as happy bunny.

Anyway, about your question. Yes of course it's good for me. I have survived so far, haven't I? Lol.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

mmm...very interesting so far.

Funnily enough I prefer Pearl Jam over Soungarden and Audioslave over RATM. Darwin - you surprise me.

S said...

Dr Phil Hammond - writes for the Spectator/appears on 'Mock the Week' and 'Have I Got News for You'. He also does stand-up comedy.

Not a bad lot for a ginger love monster, eh?

Theena said...

Pearl Jam have always bored me. Maybe its Eddie's voice. I must be rock's most blasphemous listener; I not only dislike Eddie Weeder's voice, I also dislike Ozzy Ozbourne's voice. :-o

Sach - Bunnies are the manliest mammals in the planet. What other animal exists purely for the purposes of fornication? Exactly.

There is a bunny in every man.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Theena - I'm with you on Ozzy's voice, I've never been a big fan.

Sach - I'm with you on the bunny thing. It wouldn't surprise me if Theena's the type who lurk in men's toilets.

S - Ginger Love Monster - Surely that's an oxymoron?

Indyana said...

My hubby's business!

Darwin said...

Surprising because I haven't tried deep fried mars bars or because I like Soundgarden?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin - surprising on the deep fried Mars Bar bit, I thought you lot ate them for breakfast up there!

the1truecoolguy said...

Well, the posts themselves just come out; most of the effort is spent trying to stay on topic. Like you, I don't really consider myself as having a "writing style", I just write what comes to mind. I don't spend much that much time on the post itself...

However, these are of course topics I've considered before...for some reason I tend to ponder deep things ever so often! :) Thus, I've usually mulled over the thoughts in my mind at some earlier point in time.

Java Jones said...

How mah best fren describe me, maan? Sheet, yo hav to aks da Cherry Lady dat one – problem be dat it be difficult to catch her pretty lil ol butt. She be on da move, so to speak. But when I do, I be shurre to let yo know. How’s dat?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ian - Thanks for that, I've often wondered because you frquently write posts on things that I've thought about at some time. Deep but very interesting too.

Java - No, no, no! I want to know how you think she'd describe you. Go on, tell!

Java Jones said...

Second attempt on this - **#%*#^*!!

RD ma maan yo don know dis chick - she be havin all sorts of tauts in dat spaced-out head of hers an if I be to presume what she be tinkin of me, I may be waaay off dat mark and den we both be up dat sheet creek witout dat proverbial paddle, maan. Know what I be sayin? Annnyways, when you com on down in a few days maybe yo meet up wit her an aks her yoself - how's DAT?!!!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Java - I'll accept that as a sort of answer!

Java Jones said...

Hey maaan, now who be wantin to soun like dis niggah? Yo be em-bare-assin mah ass. Altho we mus admit dis site be a fuckin trip!


Nazreen said...

No question: Art. I would give up Art for MUSIC.

N said...

Whoops...bit late on this...biggest changes I see in SL...well there's soo many:

- the road I grew up on is no longer as quiet and leafy as it was, more cars, people, etc...playing cricket there would not be as inviting as back then

- people are smaller, my old teachers for one...they don't tower over me with the threat of expulsion anymore.

- the grandparents are soo much older, its heartbreaking, and makes leaving that much more difficult

- my cousins are faar too grown up and pretty...I'm thinking of breaking the baseball bat out next time I'm back and visiting all the fella's hitting on them.

- and too many more too name mate..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Naz - That's intriguing. I guessed your answer correctly, just didn't think it would be so easy.

N - I'm going to have the "baseball bat" scenario soon with my daughters. An interview with myself, both my brothers and my Dad seems like a good idea before any bloke can even come near one of the daughters. I can't see that plan working though.