Friday, January 25, 2008

A Letter

Dear Radha,

Thank you for your comment here, which I hope I've managed to link to. I think I can speak for my people, the bloggers, when I say that we all like to receive comments, even those we disagree with.

Sometimes I get comments so stupid and inane that I don't bother to reply, at other times I get ones that I reply to because I respectfully disagree with and occasionally I think the comment is deserving of a separate post altogether, well once actually and it's this time. This may be the one time that all of the elements have come together, like in a school chemistry experiment, or when I make a really great dhal.

I'd like to reply to you in some detail if that's ok, so here we go:

"You redefine serious"

- I'm not sure if you're referring to me specifically or all bloggers but, after lengthy consideration I've decided to take that as a compliment. So thank you.

"He did not make any scathing attack on bloggers....his attack was on the festival per se, the Sri Lankan writers etc"

- Firstly I did not say that thing, the thing about the scathing attack. I'm assuming that you're referring to words written by Java Jones here. Mr Jones is someone I consider to be a good friend (of mine, not your's) but that is his blog and, whilst he would probably cite me as a massive influence on his life and success, I am not responsible for his words. However I did say that I thought he had made "some rather negative remarks about bloggers", a statement which I think is accurate. Perhaps my Britishness shone through there and it was a bit polite, perhaps if I was more Sri Lankan I would have said something like:

"Machang the bugger just blackguarded us mercilessly and to think he's a Thomian as well"

or something similar, but of course I didn't.

Secondly I DO have a problem with, as you say, his attack on the festival per se. Seriously Radha? While the festival I'm sure could do with some improvements, a fact that I'm also sure the organisers would agree with, why just attack it per se? Isn't it a good thing for Sri Lanka? Isn't it something that we, as Sri Lankans, should be proud to host and be a part of, even if a little bit of fine tuning is required?

Personally I like criticism but I like it to be constructive and positive. I don't think Rajpal has made a positive contribution with his critique of the Galle Literary Festival and all that went with it, I think he's just slagged it off, perhaps for a bet or a mutton roll or something. I understand this as there are many things I would do for a good Sri Lankan mutton roll.

Admittedly he does say "make no mistake there were some things in it for aspiring talent..." but his article has been interpreted by many intelligent people, such as yourself, as an "attack on the festival per se" as you pointed out. I'm sorry for quoting that line twice in this one post but I'm not sure what the etiquette is for this whole writing game.

"Why drag Rajpal into it?"

I didn't. Honestly he jumped in with two feet, maybe with some mutton rolls, just to keep him going for a while.

But Radha thanks for the comment.




Ajith said...

RD you epitomise the one trait about Sri Lankans, whether they live in Britian or not -- when they cannot take valid criticism -- such as made by Rajpal -- they always allege its ‘personal’’ shroud it in conspiracy theories and attack the messenger. You know, the way Bush Republicans do. You get more Bush Republican Sri Lankans than in America, I can bet on it....

Ajith said...

And as if Rajpal is the only one who is critical of the GLF. You should see this just in --- Smokers Delight -

And as if Rajpal is the only one who is critical of the GLF. You should see this just in --- Smokers Delight -

Anonymous said...

Interesting that "Ajith" is doing EXACTLY what he ("Ajith") is complaining about.

Anyone who reads could have noticed that there are PLENTY of people complaining about GLF.