Friday, February 1, 2008

Theena's Pants

They've been discussed in some detail recently and there's something about Theena being a poet and about Ravana's poem posted here that made me think about writing a little bit of poetry myself.

After all, if these chaps can do it, then I must be able to give it a bash. I've given you my first attempt, it's a meaningful piece and I've drawn inspiration from the spiritual and deep side of me, in particular I've thought about my relationship with space, light and shade. It also reflects the darker side of my personality and my lifelong love of the fine works of AA Milne, Dickens and Blink 182.

Here it is:

There was a young poet called Theena
He was proud of his massive weiner
But his pants were so tight
That he'd over excite
And shoot all over the cleaner.

Any constructive criticism, or extra verses, will be appreciated.


Darwin said...

There was a blogger called RD
Who had a rather complex psyche
Based on his limerick
On a topic quite phallic
I think he’s got weiner envy

Six & Out said...

LOL, This sounds more like a Baila song we sing at a big match than a poem. No offense!

I'd add,

ah raptharararap ah raptharararap ah raptharara raptharara raptharararap.

Theena said...

That's amazing. I am in awe. :D

Anonymous said...

Oneday he saw this preety lady
on his way to a show in wembly
he had to forget that
because of a little mishap
and rush back home in a hurry

T said...

All i can say is, i love the Ach tag for this one: "i want to get in them"

Jack Point said...

Good one, but you have here is better described as a limerick.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Darwin and Anonymous - Thanks, I think I'll put up a new post with our joint efforts as one item, perhaps I'll take the lyrics and turn them into a Mimosa song!

six + out - Now that's a truly great idea.

Theena - I wish there were more words that rhyme with your name.

Jack Point - Errmm. Yeah. Thanks.

Scrumpulicious said...

Theena's pants were quite tight,
Due to his weiner's great might.
So proud to show off,
What was below his loin cloth,
That everyone gasped in delight!

Theena said...

If ever I do run into you people in real life, I am going to take the precaution of having a signboard cover my crotch, lest everyone begins gawking in that direction.

sach said...

RD, should I start getting worried about all this attention on theena's weiner?

ravana said...

Hot pants at night,
Diasporic delight.
Snakegourd in the morning,
Theena's forming.