Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roll Play

Gaz, one of my business partners, told me this story. It made me laugh quite heartily, so I thought I'd share it with you. You've got to know Gaz to fully appreciate it, but I guess you sort of know him by now anyway.

He was despatched off to Sainsbury's by his wife, we'll call her S for now. I mean "S", rather than "S for now". He was given a long shopping list of the type many husbands may be familiar with. In my married days I used to do this once in a while and I'd pretend to listen carefully as the list was recited to me, then spend a lot of time trying to remember exactly what was said to me.

Everything was going according to plan. He got all the major items on the list and then came to the item that said "a hundred rolls". Gaz, being the unquestioning and loyal type assumed that S was doing some sort of catering thing for one of his childrens' schools, so went off in search of the hundred bread rolls. He went to the bakery bit and asked as there didn't appear to be enough on display. The spotty bakery kid came back and told Gaz that they only had about eighty five, which he grabbed and took home.

He got home, took the shopping in, including the ten or so bags of bread rolls. S asked him if he had managed to get everything. He replied in the affirmative, then said that he couldn't get a hundred rolls but he did get around eighty five. S looked at him puzzled.

"What do you mean a hundred rolls?" she said.

He took out the list and showed it to her.

"Here" he said indignantly.

"No you twat" replied the half amused and half livid love of his life.

"That doesn't say 100 rolls.

It says LOO rolls!"



Damith-TS said...

Lucky for me I do My shopping with the wife, so no chance of forgetting anything. But sometimes I wont get to by those sugary delights cuz of the "stare" :(

Anonymous said...

good title

Indyana said...

Hilarious!As for my hubby,he goes crazy when he sees fresh fruits and vege's and tends to overshoot the budget and the list I so meticulously provide! Why on earth do I bother to write it!

Theena said...


That reminds me of the time my mum asked me to buy a bottle of cooking oil. I went over to the grocers and bought kerosene oil instead.

Bea said...

Me and Mr Tom laughed so hard that we woke up the dog.