Monday, January 7, 2008

Bloggers, Vegetables and Holidays

My first proper day back at work after a totally relaxing festive spell. I've got that feeling most people get after a holiday, the feeling of dazed excitement at having to force oneself to relearn so many things that were so automatic so recently.

The relearning isn't a big chore and doesn't take much time, but it still has to be done. The drive to work was just that little bit more alien than it normally feels, I even had to open my eyes a couple of times. I had to think for a few nanoseconds as I logged in to my PC this morning, the password wasn't as in the fron of my mind as usual, and all those little tasks that are usually done in autopilot mode will take just the slightest bit of practice.

On Boxing Day I was sitting with some friends enjoying a chat and a laugh and I suddenly discovered that one of the fellows I was sitting with was Confab's first cousin. A few days' later I was typing a post in Edinburgh and Ian's godson was cooing and making godson type of noises a few feet away from me. I was tempted to say that he was "googling a few feet away from me". The description feels right for the noises he was making but you'd all think that the child was busily searching the net for something that previous generations used to go to a library for, which would be wholly innaccurate. I never went to a library for that sort of stuff.

But these coincidences amazed me. Through that "normal" network of Sri Lankan friends and family I had met up with these sets of friends, the route to the meetings had been nothing to do with blogging, yet we were linked, as are their relatives' blogs with mine.

I learned, from Confab's cousin, exactly what "10 second rule" means. I never knew it and, as a parent, I was surprised that I hadn't come across it before, the joys of increasing one's knowledge can be useless and fascinating at times!

He also told me a theory about holidays, in relation to the processes a fellow goes through whilst on one. It interested me and goes like this:

Week 1 - Unwinding and getting used to the holiday destination

Week 2 - Chilling, really starting to enjoy the place and just "being" and letting go of work and life stresses that have built up.

Week 3 - Getting into such a state of relaxation that you get in the zone for planning the time in front. Getting fully energised for what's in store in the coming year and feeling good about it.

Clearly this theory requires a 3 week holiday and some sort of stress to begin with. The specific time frames within it are likely to be quite variable according to the specific fellow concerned; Victoria Beckham probably needs a whole week to unwind from the stress of all her writing, thought provoking discussions and musical challenges, but other people with different mentalities may only take a day.

But I liked the general gist of the theory and, as someone who has got used to short burst holidays, where I spend a quick week here, there and wherever, it made me think. Perhaps I should try to take longer breaks. Ideally longer breaks taken far more frequently would be a good solution. I will work on it. Or maybe I can just go on a holiday and jump to week 3, perhaps by doing bugger all at work for the 2 weeks before.

Did I make any New Year's resolutions?

No, just a couple of wishy washy things, to eat more vegetables and to do more drum practice, not at the same time though. I didn't take a "SMART" approach to these things though. To be honest I didn't feel a need to set myself targets, timings and what nots with regards to vegetables and I've yet to do it for the drum side of the equation.

And a question for you. When you go back to work does it feel weird when you have to write stuff?

I don't mean about the thought processes, I mean the physical act of putting pen to paper. Do you have to relearn how to actually write, to make letters and words?

I do.


Confab said...

since changing jobs a couple of days ago, i haven't had the need to really put pen to paper for any longer than a couple of seconds. so i'm sorry i can't help u there.

hey say hi to afdhel for me eh?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Will do Confab. Someone told me I looked like him recently. I was insulted, he was chuffed!

Damith-TS said...

I've had this problem of relearning to write for sometime now. Happens to me everytime I take a long break from not writing. And rarely do I write things on paper to begin with these days.

I feel your pain- or whatever it is .

confab said...

what was the comparison? fat and old? haha just kidding!

come to think of it, u guys look a lil alike, at least from the lil i remember of u!

S said...

R - I find writing odd when I've not done so for a week. My handwriting goes from illegible to indecipherable as/when I return to it. It then takes a week to recover ;)

My NY resolutions - no alcohol Monday-Thursday unless expensive/quality treat. Also no non-fruit desserts unless it's Tuesday/the weekend.