Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sansoni Al Pacino

It's the time for a quick search term post. A sporadic glance through the stats for my blog always throws up some interesting, some puzzling and some fascinating bits of information. The things people have searched for to get here are no exception.

Here are some recent juicy gems:

1. Psychology for bum wiping.

2. Do people in London wear willies?

3. Audit chat up lines

4. How to do absofuckinglutely nothing forever

5. Are very tight flare jeans gay?

6. Sansoni Al Pacino

7. Mock Wattalapam

8. Sri Lankan Astronaut

And here are some of my thoughts about them:

1. There are people who look into the most everyday things to levels of mad detail. Somewhere there's probably an academic writing a paper on this.

2. Yes, mostly men though.

3. Was this an accountant looking for chat up lines? What would be the accountant's version of Joey's "How you doin?". Perhaps something like "Fancy a bit of double entry?" or "Can I put my column in your spreadsheet?"

4. Why?

5. No, but wear them and people will probably think you are. Though I know DD wears them quite often.

6. Finally they're making a Hollywood epic about the photographer and Al is playing the lead. About bloody time too. Morgan Freeman will be Java and Nimmi Harasgama will play herself.

7. Is this sometime who has a big bowl of wattalapam and wants to tease it mercilessly?

8. Frankly it just makes me smile. All the jokes about the spaceship pulling out in front without indicating, about it needing a horn, perhaps no lights, you get the gist, well they all spring to mind.

What's happening over your way then?


Sach said...

It's a bit late, nevertheless, here goes:

Better late than never I suppose.

Gypsy said...

LOL. I never get funny search phrase thingies. I only get stuff like "gypsy" "bohemia" "white dresses" "walking in the rain" etc. Boring!

Response #3 - You've got a dirty old mind R.

As for response #6 - Morgan Freeman is much too old and not good look enough to play our Java!

Response #7 - Giggle.

sue said...

OMG where do you come up with things like "Can I put my column in your spreadsheet?" ha ha ha thanks for the laughs early in the morning!

ViceUnVersa said...

What pray is a willy?
DD prefers freewheeling FYI.

Java Jones said...

Thanks Gyps - that's RD trying to get back at me for ..(I'll tell you later). Anyway, I think Phil Collins should play RD - they both drum and the hairstyles and heights are also similar. No?

Gypsy said...

Hahahaha, R, you've just been OWNED.

Love you anyway. In a way C wouldn't take offence to of course.

Java - you're cool. You should come down to Colombo more often - if for no other reason than to make R jealous :P

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach - Nice letter, better late than never and good to see you back.

Gyps - Yes, I think Java would have to be played by more of a love God than Morgan Freeman.

Sue - My pleasure, as always!

DD - A willie is like that thing you've got, only bigger!

Java - Pah! Only today I've shaved my head too!