Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's Happened To Humour In The Lankanosphere?


I've been doing a lot of browsing around the Lankanosphere as research and development for the forthcoming awards and, as far as sidesplittingly funny writing is concerned, there's a distinct lack of it.

The only single blog listed on Kottu that makes me smile, laugh and fart involuntarily is DramaQueen's, but she went and scooped all the awards last year and only writes a post on Thursdays when Halley's comet is clearly visible, occasionally Wednesdays.

There's no shortage of blogs and bloggers who can make me laugh. I've chuckled heartily, like Father Christmas after a night when he's smoked a few too many, at posts by Cerno, Indi, Java and others, but I wouldn't class their blogs as ones that are funny per se.

I've laughed like a demented Hyena leaving the dentist after having some fillings on that troublesome tooth at the back at some of Sittingnut's comments and posts, but something tells me he's not actually trying to be funny.

The "troll" type blogs, those HH Zoltan and Pada Show ones are hit and miss, usually the latter and I fundamentally think that to gain attention by piss taking is quite cheap anyway, far better to create something oneself than mock others.

I've found myself a new funny, no make that hilarious blog. I've been trawling through its archives and I wince and chuckle with equal and copious amounts at just about every sentence. Have a look at it here, I guarantee you'll find it funny. The problem with it is that it's about as Sri Lankan as one of those Great British dishes, like curry.

JCP has morphed into a purely political place and the once clever satire has been replaced by insults and name calling, not my thing really.

I think I'm going to end up with a funniest post award instead of the funniest blog one as I can't find a blog that fits.

So I ask you dear reader. Which Lankan blog posts have you read that made you laugh, that made you pee just a little bit and put a smile on your face in the morning?

Answers on a comment please.


Middle Child said...

recently, and ( Makuluwo and Jerry have made me laugh .

indi said...

This new blog by Lefroy has been funny ( Lots of pissing and sex

sue said...


Can I vote for you...or is it out since you are one giving the awards? I leave yours always with a smile

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Middle Child - Yes, they're definitely two of the funnier ones. Thanks

Indi - Ta, will check it.

Sue - Agree with you about DQ, but she's the Pete Sampras of Lankan funny blogs and therefore excluded this year. No, votes for me aren't allowed, that would be wrong and then I'd just go awarding everything to myself and it would all go wrong, so wrong. But thank you for liking my ramblings!

Whacko said...

too good yaar

Serendib_Isle said...

Agree with Whacko - Jerry's Batman was a gem.

sittingnut said...

:-) forced smile concealing yawn.

you are free to ask me if you want to clarify the humor quotient of any of my posts or comments

after all i don't want to be at the receiving end of another rabid blog banning campaign led by you bc you or your friends find something unfunny (you have already demonstrated the success of your intolerance once).


have a nice year in the cocoon

btw where are the links? afraid of linking thus giving timely notice are we?