Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hot, Hot Heat, Strings, Photo Blogs and Random Things

It's fucking hot here. But I like that. It gives me a chance to wear my Havaianas flip flops, complete with their Brazilian flag, as I'm partial to a Brazilian.

WiFi is a slight issue, with C's one being kaput, so I'm making use of wireless wherever I can.

Monday sees us heading to Arugam Bay, somewhere I've never been, and I think I'm as excited about the cross country journey as I am about the destination. That's perfection, isn't it? A great journey as well as arriving at a special destination. It's a metaphor for life, or should that be a metaphor life?

The Vesak lights and lanterns, people and vehicles are out in full force. I've never actually witnessed it before and it is genuinely mental, a reminder that the word "subtlety" and Sri Lankaness are uncomfortable bedfellows. The lights I can take or leave quite happily, but watching the people watching the lights has got my attention.

Vanloads of villagers, dressed in their Sunday best, singing and smiling. Fathers holding little kids and other children fast asleep have all caught me.

I went to that exhibition of photographs of Sri Pada last night, by Ian Lockwood. I know not much about the Lockwood chap but he's taken some stunningly memorable images. They're on display at the Barefoot Gallery if you fancy taking a look.

Dinner at Green Cabin afterwards saw me eat about twenty string hoppers. Fifteen white ones of my own then I had to finish off C's, which were red, but I made do. It was my all time favourite meal; white strings, prawn curry, pol sambol, white potato curry with kiri hodi, so that's my excuse, not that I need one, as I'll say to the Doctor next time we talk about my blood sugar and cholestrol.

My picture has made it to Naz Sansoni's Image a day blog, something I'm quite chuffed about. C is floating about in the background too, always a worrying thing, just ask The Auf.

That's it for now.

Oh yeah, anyone know where I can get a good head shave, clippered, number one?


Marc said...

Sleek Salon on Vajira Road is the place to go for a reasonable clipper cut !

. said...

hey..., you wear havaiana's ?... how cool is that ! not many guys like you out there who'd even know the difference... I own 2 pairs...aqua and pastel yellow one's ! :) ....

PS : Did you have to share your green cabin menu ! starving for strings now.....!

Magerata said...

Now that is good looking chap, not that I am into chaps other than myself.
But I am so filled with envy, much more than the glass you are holding in that photo. If you are a surfer, you will love the Arugam bay, where I found that wrong wave can slam you to the ground.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Marc - Thanks, all sorted now, number ! and head massage for the price of a Tesco sandwich, can't be bad!

. - yup, they are strangely cool, I love them, though that might be a bit too metrosexual.

Magerata - Sadly, the only thing I surf begins with www!

aufidius said...

hmmm..that is a bit worrying to be honest. Also, apart from all the great things you've described in this post, what I really want to hear is you saying 'Kiri hodi'.

Jack Point said...

You could also try Salon Anoma at the Bambalapitiya Flats, they were cheaper than Sleek the last time I checked.