Monday, May 2, 2011

Posts In The Pipeline

These are some posts I've been contemplating writing. Some are definites, some are almost definitely nots and others are definitely maybes.

1. Why is she called "Aunty" but I'm not called "Uncle"

2. My Royal Wedding day.

3. The serving classes and the served classes - Asia vs the West

4. Why I'm scared of espadrilles.

5. Making black girls dance.

6. The drip.

7. The arse wipes progress report.

8. "Dad, I think you should make friends with him".

9. The loneliness of the long distance drummer.

10. On carmanship.

Any that grab you?


Anonymous said...


Dee said...

I like to see No. 1.

What's an espadrilles?

Gallicissa said...

6, 7, & 8.

Gutterflower said...

1, 8 and 9.

I'd like some fries with that please.

T said...


David Blacker said...

10, 10, TEN!

Oh yes, and the one on why you're scared of French fighter squadrons too. Is it because the pilots wore flat canvas shoes?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DB - On its way, the mindmap and interview with you are done already. As you very well know!

Guiding Spirit said...

1 and 6 please !!