Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pomp And Circumstance - A Right Royal Wedding!

If your name is Pseudorandom or Aufidius or one of my other UK (currently) based readers you may well be very aware of what I'm talking about. Though I'm not talking, I'm writing.

There's a wave of Royal wedding fever and excitement sweeping the nation at the moment. The population at large is divided into two groups; those who are quite into the forthcoming wedding and celebrations and those who hate the concept and think that the money should be spent on homeless people, the welfare state and providing money to students so they can get pissed.

I've found myself falling into the first group. I'm no Royalist either, nor am I a Thomian Republican. There are things I rather like about the monarchy here as well as things that don't float my flotilla.

The negative side includes factors such as their inherent ugliness; the women all looking like horses dressed as Humans and the men opting for that chewing a lemon big eared goofy posh look that's all the rage among big eared goofy posh people these days.

And there's uselessness. Many of these Royals live extravagant and opulent lifestyles at our expense. Examples like Prince Andrew and Fergie are pretty much disliked by all, though I admire the way that Fergie has carved out her own career with Will.I.Am and the others.

Most people think that Prince Charles, though a bit mad, is okay. Camilla seems to mind her own business and has been quietly adopted by the public, which is quite nice and British really. Perhaps because she appears so unlike Princess Diana in every way there's never been much in the way of comparisons by the public, just an acceptance that she is where and who she is.

Her Maj The Queen? Everyone likes her. She's getting on, she doesn't do a lot in terms of ruling the country, but she opens parliament, makes speeches at Christmas time and gives lessons to everyone on how to talk posh.

Prince Philip is treated with a mixture of amused scorn and admiration. When he's your own man you have to like a fellow who says things like:

"You look like you're ready for bed" - to the President of Nigeria, dressed in traditional robes.

Or to a driving instructor in Scotland "How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them through their test?"

The news here is dominated by Royal Wedding related stories. Of course the weather takes the number one spot in this. You can talk to just about anyone and they'll probably be able to give you an accurate and detailed report of the forecast for tomorrow, such is the nation's obsession.

Pubs, streets and houses are adorned and decorated with bunting and Union flags (not Union Jacks; they're only called that when flown at sea you know!) and people are busily organising street parties. In typically British fashion people started camping out days ago in central London to get a good view. Queueing, like saying sorry at every available opportunity, is an intrinsic part of British culture.

I drove down Pall Mall the other day and saw the old buildings and the back of Clarence House, where Prince William lives in London. It's right next to the wedding route and there were barriers up already in preparation for the crowds and a fleet of outside broadcast vans and trucks parked there doing their thing. I felt excited and a bit proud.

The eyes of the world are upon us, looking at London, this wickedly fantastic city, doing what it does best.

I love it. Really I do.


Dee said...

aw..nice britishy post... pics?

sevenby3 said...

Love your blog!
Here is an unashamed plug for my blog!
A blog on Sri Lankan contemporary architecture and photography.

Scrumps said...

I am very excited about it all!

I love the way that it's brought a sense of camraderie amongst the public and it's that what makes me proud to be a Londoner! :)

sittingnut said...

unbelievably kitschy vulgarity is your thing?

or just kowtowing your thanks to the royal thrash that presides over the remnant of unlamented genocidal britsh empire?
after all they gave you welfare checks.

i think both in your case.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Dee - thanks, haven't taken any pics yet, but I'll try.

Scrumps - Me too. The excitement is building as well!

Sittingnut - I love the fact that you know so much more about me and my life than I know myself. That's so clever!

aufidius said...

I am not particularly excited by the sentiments attached to it, but I am excited by the event!

I am sure many Sri Lankans would be excited by this event, quite interesting that. If Sirimavo B didn't have her way in 1972 we may use William's face in our stamps and coins in future perhaps. I know a lot of Sri Lankan girls who religiously maintained albums in honour of Diana after she died.

Sri Lankans are an interesting bunch when it comes to the Royal Family. The Royal Family in Britain that is, not the Sri Lankan Royal family.

PseudoRandom said...

Oh come now, they're not all ugly *cough*Harry*cough* :D Also, although she doesn't carry a title, I don't think we can call Zara Phillips 'ugly', can we? :-)

I'm not really fussed about the wedding, but I'm definitely not against the celebrations. I'd much rather have public funds spent on a celebration of British cultural heritage than on unwarranted military action (for example).

maya❤ said...

call me lame...i'm waking up at 4am to catch it live over here from the big apple :p ...along with thousands of other american's i gather. its sooo awe inspiring...i can't hardly wait.....(my bestie is even coming over to stay so we can watch the grand occassion and make senseless banter on how romantic it all is ...!

sittingnut said...

yes i know a lot about you and what i say is true. they are not grand secrets. others too know.
remember how you got one blogger banned for telling the truth. nay be i am next? lol

btw what is it; kitschy vulgarity or kotow to royal trash? or both?

sittingnut said...


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Oooh Sittingnut, I'm so scared!

sittingnut said...

why should you be scared of truth ?
just admit what you cannot deny .

btw why did you led a campaign to ban another blogger bc he revealed public facts about you ?
you basked in praise of another intolerant blogger when it succeeded.

anyway to get back to subject, do you love this circus bc you love kitschy vulgarity or bc you want to kotow thanks to royal trash heading a government that gave you welfare? was i right that it is both?

Anonymous said...

sittingnut is what us royalists in blighty call an onomatopoeia

(I bet he looks this up in the dictionary he doesn't have)

Anonymous said...

You know I dont share your enthusiasm for the royal wedding, however for the record I think Will and Kate are alright, and I hope they ll be very happy. I have a strong feeling they will. Good on them for handling all that crazy media and public pressure so simply.

Magerata said...

peasants, and peacocks and I am RH. But tell your broadcaster not to choke up all my channels with damn wedding (may be I should be telling our transmitters)
Now I love the drama.