Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Like Sri Lanka!

Here in Blighty we've got a mental little spell of holidays, short weeks and potential sunshine coming up.

One of my minds thinks it's great; the mind of the employee, the one that thinks about rest, leisure and general relaxation. Another of my minds; that of the employer, ponders on the revenue my company will lose from the extra days of holiday and gets all Scrooge like. Another mind just feels lucky that I don't have any schizophrenic tendencies.

First we've got Easter this weekend, meaning that it's Good Friday on, well, Friday and then Easter Monday on, you've guessed it, Monday. So it's a four day working week followed by a four day weekend. Class. And I've got a Solskala gig on Thursday night so will have a nice lie in on the following day, then will have A and K with me in the evening (I hope, though it's always dependent on their social lives these days!).

Then we return to our desks on Tuesday and only work for three days, as it's old Will's and Kate's wedding on the Friday. I've got two gigs with the covers band over that weekend, meaning the luxury of late nights, grooving like a mofo and then lie ins again. Sorted.

And, to top it all off we have a bank holiday Monday on May 2nd, giving us a four day week for that week.

Sadly we don't have beaches, jungles, beautiful hill country and lush landscapes to die for within a few hours' drive of just about anywhere. Nor do we have almost guaranteed good weather, though the forecasts are looking good. And these spells of excessive public holiday happen about once a century here, not the once every couple of weeks frequency that you guys are used to.

Our motorways will be packed, our airports full to the brim with people fleeing the country and just about everything that's worth doing will be so full and busy that it won't be worth doing. Such is life here.

But still, it's going to be fun. Except the revenue side of things!


maya❤ said...

i hear ya ....

Jack Point said...

"Sadly we don't have beaches, jungles, beautiful hill country and lush landscapes to die for within a few hours' drive "

True, but I think there is quite a lot of nice places to go to although some may be a bit far.

Is there any way to spend a couple of days at the Cotswalds on the cheap? I did a walking tour there once, that was the cheapest thing thing to do but is there some way one can spend some time exploring the place at a reasonable price?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Maya!

JP - Well there are a few places that are within a few hours' drive yes, the hard bit is that the journey, during these peak times, will be a total nightmare and then the places are all going to be fully booked up. The Cotswolds is lovely and relatively close though.