Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Receiver or Transmitter?

I was watching an episode of "Come Dine With Me" last night. It's a curiously addictive programme in which a group of four or five total strangers each hold a dinner party for the others on consecutive nights of a week. They then score each host and the winner gets a prize.

It's a bit about cooking, with some recipe sharing and kitchen adventures, and a lot about personalities and people, as we, the viewers, get to witness people arguing, becoming great friends, bitching about each other and everything in between.

It's also unusual in that it's not presenter lead. The presenter is purely done via a voice over, though the chap who does it has made his commentary an integral part of the show, with little witticisms and cutting remarks.

So there I was, watching an episode and along came a section in which a man was talking about one of his female fellow contestants.

"She's far more of a transmitter than a receiver and I wish she do a bit more receiving" said the aforementioned man.

It got me thinking.

Is everybody more of one than the other? What am I? What are you?

Well I reckon I'm usually more of a receiver, though there are situations and instances when I more of a transmitter.

The people I know, the ones I consider to have superb interpersonal skills, are the ones who seem to be able to balance and switch between the two. One minute they're a witty and engaging raconteur, the life and soul of the party, but the next they're the best and most intent listener I can think of, paying attention and hearing things, not just listening.

But these people with sublime interpersonal skills are few and far between, most of the people I can think of are either in one camp or the other.

What are you then? Transmitter? Receiver? Or one of the brilliant ones?


Magerata said...

Interesting programs these Brits bring about. I am sure it will sail over the waters, if it catches up. But who has time for TV, other than for basketball and football (I really meant soccer :).

Transmitter or receiver, hard to tell but my antenna is up most of the time :)

PseudoRandom said...

I think in my case it depends on the crowd. People that don't know me very well think I'm a receiver - my good friends will disagree completely :D

Also, I've heard the Aussie Come Dine With Me is even more hilarious than the UK one.