Friday, April 8, 2011

Real Music - Adele 21

So I went out and bought this album by Adele the other day. Pseudorandom, Darwin and people over here will know the one, others may not.

She's a woman, a proper singer type, and it's an album of real music. Her songs are all over the radio at the moment and even my covers band, an advocate of the Foos, Muse and the Killers, is doing one of her numbers.

After a couple of weeks of restraint, mostly because there's a girly piano, guitar and lead vocalist singing about love feel to some of her material, I caved and decided to buy the album.

It's number one in the album charts here, with her other album at number three, which I think gives you an idea of her current popularity. The great thing, the reason I'm telling you about this, is that I've listened to it a few times now and it makes me smile and feel a bit positive about the music business here.

Okay, I was right about some of the songs being a bit too loved up for my liking, though even they demonstrate levels of musicianship I can only dream of. But the ones I do like, the more uptempo and grooving ones, are totally stunning. Think Amy Winehouse without the drugs and issues, though the two women couldn't look more different, think about proper music played by proper musicians and you'll get the idea.

From a drummer's perspective it's a lesson in pure groove and drumming for the song. I haven't read the notes to see who's playing yet but it's superbly musical, with nothing unnecessary and nothing that shows off but doesn't fit the song.

In this day of Simon Cowell, of X fucking factor and manufactured music that's made by some bloke in his attic who's never played to a pub full of people, never sat at his instrument for hours on end actually trying to learn how to play things, it's great to know that once in a while the public can recognise true talent and real artists.

It's warming to see that through the cracks caused by all that rubbish, there can be a little shaft of white light sometimes.

Here's a little snifter for you.


Welcome to Boredom said...

Love Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You. Didn't download entire the album though.
Also Adele was number 1 on the US charts too.

Good recommendation btw RD

PseudoRandom said...

You can thank that other hit factory for Adele and Amy Winehouse ;-). Still, the BRIT School does promote artistry and individuality, so I guess it's ok.

That said, Dane Bowers went to the BRIT School, so... :D

Java Jones said...

Thanks RD

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Welcome to B- Thanks, Someone like you is one of the ones that's a bit too girly for me! No drums I guess.

PR - Yes, A was telling me about this Brit school the other day, she has decided that she wants to go there. I think that, with the exception of our Dane, they foster real talent rather than the fake autotune variety.

Java - You're welcome, C sends her love to you and the dancer.

maya❤ said...

I love Adele..., Ingrid Michaelson, Mumford & sons etc....the whole alternative indie scene is what i'm into..., the kind of thing you loathe for the most part...i guess!

I don't 'get' your kind of Music although i think people who like the crazyness of it are rather radical in nature and that's intriguing..( with the exception of MUSE, i do love them to bits)...

Serendib_Isle said...

I love this track. Adele was privileged to adorn my FB status for a while and now she starts my day the moment I start the car to get to work. :)