Monday, May 30, 2011

So Long Serendib.....

My last few hours on the island of my heritage are here and it's been a gorgeous near couple of weeks.

The sojourn to Arugam Bay was everything I envisaged. The journey interesting and the destination wonderfully relaxing and beautiful.

I've spent more time with Jerome Speldewinde in recent days than a chap would care to imagine, but he's cool, in a sort of husky voiced mooching around in his Speedos sort of way. I have stories to tell about the Spellbinder fellow and his body that will make you ponder.

Sunday afternoon, that's yesterday to those reading this today, saw me and C at the jazz at Barefoot. The atmosphere was chilled, the temperature was warm and the company was as cool and sexy as it gets. I got to play three songs with the band, hopefully meaning that David Blacker and Dominic Sansoni now realise I can actually play the drums, not just talk about it!

It feels a bit sad to be going, but it will of course be great to see the girls and give them their friendship bracelets that I bought. I'm not allowed to buy clothes for them, no doubt because I'm just way too cool.

I found a hairdresser, just opposite Castle St Hospital in Rajagiriya, and have now had two number one clipper sessions there. It wouldn't be worthy of a mention except for my discovery that the owner is a drummer. The revelation saw both of us get our phones out and show each other pictures of our kits, comparing cymbals and gigs and whatnot. C said I'm a saddo.

I missed Java Jones and was annoyed with myself when I heard that he was here in the metropolis last week. Sorry Java, I assumed you were up in the hills and promise to call you next time I'm here, which won't be long I'm sure.

My flight is at 6 AM tomorrow morning and my jury's out on whether it's a good flight time or a crap one. On the positive side it gives me a full day and evening here. On the negative side it means I need to stay up as there's no point going to bed, so might arrive in London more knackered than a sleepy town that's just taken some tranquilisers then sat in some sea air with a couple of cold beers for a few hours.

Thank you to all my Sri Lankan friends for their kindness, hospitality, drums and warmth. I will return before you even have time to wonder if I've gone. That's not a promise, more of a threat.



. said...

that's a beautiful picture...

Java Jones said...

Hey RD - I haven't been around for a few days, hence the delay in reading stuff and responding. To add to that, the signal out here in the boonies has been more erratic than usual, so accessing the Net and shite has become a major bummer (primitive shit here!). Anyway, I was surprised to read that you were here and not to hear from you. Maybe next time! At least you finally went somewhere other than Kandy, which is a good start!!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Java - Yes, sorry, things were a bit busy but I promise to call you next time. The desire to get out of CMB was great!