Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Thoughts

Well, well, well. As I sit here typing this it's Thursday evening. On in the background is "World's Most Extreme Airports." It's most definitely a boys' programme. Full of footage of planes attempting to land on runways that look like dirt tracks in Yala, it's pretty much a sewn up compilation of those videos you can see in Youtube.

The last twenty four hours have been tiring and stressful, but I'll have to tell you more about that another time.

I was thinking about a specific type of person and I wonder if you know any. The sort who, when they're told a secret, can't resist telling a few people. Not so much because they're fundamentally untrustworthy, more because their ego is so big that they just have to let others know that they've been let into your confidence.

I know a few of these chaps. Once you identify and categorise them they can be used to your advantage. I've got one who works for me and he's perfect for when I want something spread around a little bit. The most important thing is that I don't tell him a real secret, that way I'm never disappointed.

And cranes. Hands up if you like cranes. Not the bird sort, I mean the mechanical marvels that lift things around building sites. They're great aren't they? I've always been fascinated by them. The other day I was parked up in central London about to go to a gig and I witnessed a crane operator climbing down from his nest to the ground. Seriously, I was fascinated, I loved it.

I've got a one off gig with a ten piece band coming up. A friend has got it all together, a mixture of musos from various other bands. The venn diagram for this venture would look like four or five big circles with lots of overlaps, something like the olympics logo on acid. It's all old soul covers, lots of Motown and dancey songs, a big, brassy and horny sound. And I don't mean "horny" like that either!

It's going to be huge fun.

I think my cleaner might be mad. Total fucking fruit cake, though I think we've come to some kind of plateau of understanding each other now. She does strange things though. Like, I've got three pairs of earphones, the iPod ones, each different. They sit on my bookshelf, separated so they're not a tangled mess. But, on Thursdays, when I return from work and she's done her thing, they sit in one pile, in a tangled mess. Why?

Lukla Airport in Nepal is officially the world's most dangerous airport. That's what they reckon. It's the only airport from which Mount Everest can be reached, I bet you didn't know that.

That's all for this week, enjoy your weekend wherever you may be.

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. said...

did you hear about the northwest pilot who failed to turn off his microphone ? yikes...

i dream of going to nepal...its on my to do list...airports dangerous or not... somethings have just gotta be done.... i mean if these things occur in new york, i'm not really taken aback by much anymore !

Good weekend to you too....(me heading down to montauk with family.... looking forward to trying the best lobster rolls in the country).