Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Favourite T Shirt!

Of special interest to any Danes out there.

I saw this in a shop on Saturday and immediately wanted needed it.

I was unsure of exactly which language the text is in, though my linguistic knowledge is vast enough to have known that it's something scandinavian.

When we got back to my apartment K and I googled the text to try to figure out the language but even that was inconclusive, telling us that it was either Danish or Swedish. I hope for the latter, having a big soft spot for all things Danish.

And there I was at a Solskala gig on Saturday night, a kicking one at that, my favourite gig with Solskala so far.

A fellow came up to me, raving about my T shirt. Turns out that he's a translator, doing English to Danish and the other way around ( I assume!). He proceeded to read the T shirt, to tell me exactly what it means, which I promptly forgot, and to insist on having a photograph taken with me, him and the T shirt, so that he could send it to his cousins in Denmark.

We chatted a bit about Danish cousins, a couple of which I own too, though not the same ones as the chap.

It's weird isn't it?

I saw the thing for sale, wanted it and bought it. But I wonder, what on Earth would make a clothes designer realise that an idea like this would be a good one? That is, if it is a good one. I'm not arrogant enough to think that just because I like it means that it's a commercial success.

Still, it's my new favourite one and it's not even a Superdry item, which makes me feel a tad disloyal, but it's by Coca Cola and I am a firm fan of that company too.

My only problem now is to be careful that I don't wear it too often. The trials and tribulations of a committed metrosexual eh?


chi chi said...

cool t-shirt!

I too have a t-shirt which makes strangers talk to me!

It says in big letters 'Can we kick it?' which is similar enough to a line from a tribe called quest song for people who love a tribe called quest to come up and bond with me over that awesome 90s hip hop group.

Magerata said...

Try the new... it is Danish! But I like fanta in SL chilled to the bone or bottle.

. said...

i love the vintage feel of that tee...its so 'indie' !... nothings more blah than a crisp pressed navy polo ( i'm talking casual wear here..not work attire obviously)...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

. - thanks, but I must say that I'm also quite happy in a good crisp polo shirt too, just not too crisp and staid.