Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten Random Bits And Pieces

1. Cooking for one is a pain in the arse. I think I've almost given up with it.

2. I witnessed someone invalidating me the other day. I felt wise enough to recognise it, not react and just to move on.

3. It's a bit brass monkeys here in London right now. On Sunday afternoon I even had to turn my heating on.

4. I'm reading the legendary David Blacker's book; A Cause Untrue. So far I like it, in fact I'm engrossed in it. Innit.

5. I think I've found the perfect tuning for my new snare drum. It's one of my newest favourite things.

6. My in car CD player seems to have randomly fixed itself and is now remembering what was being played and going back to that place when I restart the engine. Which is nice.

7. I had a lovely day with K, the almost fifteen year old, on Saturday. I might write a separate post about it.

8. I'm learning about twenty five old soul songs, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves and people like that, for a one off gig with a one off band. It's fun to learn songs in a genre that I haven't much experience in.

9. I've decided to stop using cinnamon when I make dhal. Radical I know, but sometimes one has to be bold.

10. I might buy the new Arctic Monkeys album.

11. Eleven is always a good place to stop.

12. As is twelve.


OzCuz said...

I approve of #10. It is a great album!

Sach said...

9. I've decided to stop using cinnamon when I make dhal. Radical I know, but sometimes one has to be bold.

But why? It's never the same without it.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

OC - yup, think it's an almost definite now!

Sach - No matter how little I use it always seems to overpower the taste.

Anonymous said...

Who invalidated you. Was it that awful C?

. said...

i've learnt ( since moving out on my own), here in the west there is two kinds of cinnamon. the kind imported from south america ( which has a sweetish aroma better suited for dessert) and the south asian flaky kind which is what works for us. Eitherway, i
've recently discovered the slow cooker....give it a thought, you set it up before you head out to work in the morning ( its as easy as pie, no sauteeing, or braising usually)...just throw it all in and you come home to a gorgeous smelling apt and a nice hot dinner....so good for you and you don't wind up getting crappy take out... best of all, its a one pot clean up.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

. - Well it's definitely Sri Lankan cinnamon as I brought it back myself. Hmmm... this slow cooker idea may be one to investigate, though I'd have to get up earlier in the morning.

Hope you're well ., or can I call you M?

. said...

i think you definitely ought to, infact, i made a chipotle beef stew over the weekend ( it worked amazing as a sort of dip with toasted pita chips) .... through my observation i find the subtle slow cooking process enahnces the depth of flavor, its so awesome you could serve it to guests ( and i'm not messing with you). but i must say i don't fix it everyday, maybe three times a week, it does'nt cost me more than 20 mins of morning time... you'll feel great if you try it, i'm all about good organic home eating lately ;) ...never too late to start good habits.