Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Where You Learn"

So many things about this picture and sign bother me. I don't know where to start. Really.


the speech marks
the dots before the "where"
the wholly meaningless slogan
would a parent be impressed by this enough to think that they might send their child there.

Any more?


Jack Point said...

Plenty more from where that came, from Giggles International in Negombo to Scrumptious College of Maradana to School of the British Abbey in Bambalapitiya.

Education is big business, but I wonder what students at these places are taught.

Ever notice that quiet a few people with very dodgy English turn out to be English teachers?

Welcome to Boredom said...

Actually parents do, RD coz when they see an international school that charges a fraction of the amount charged by normal international schools they presume that these cheap places give out the same quality education as others. :S

Also dont forget Sakvithi's Success international school which was run on two floors at a private building. LOL

@ Jack Point - Yep coz English is something you can teach improperly and get away with in Sri lanka. Also not much work has to be put into teaching English in the local syllabus.

aufidius said...

Jack Points comments make me laugh! but also appalled by the situation! I thought mushrooming international schools of such low standard was a virus in the Muslim community that has potential to paralyse certain parts - seems other communities aren't necessarily exempt.