Monday, March 13, 2006

About Me

The title seemed appropriate. 3 of the things I love most, not necessarily in that order, nor are they the only things I am passionate about.

London - I was born here, I live here, I was brought up here, I work here and it is home for me in every way. My parents are Sri Lankan but have been in London since they were much younger.

Lanka - My origins. Both my parents' families are Sri Lankan. I would like to be known as a Lankaphile although I am not sure if that is a real word. I go to SL as often as I can, everything about it fascinates me. The things I love to do in Sri Lanka are the things that most Sri Lankans take for granted - Galle Face Green, Barefoot Cafe, looking at the coastline from Mount towards the Colombo Fort - you know the stuff!

Drums - I am a drummer, it is one of the things that defines me. I feel totally at ease and also absorbed when I am playing. I would never claim to be that good at it but I have done it for a long time and still have so much to learn. To be able to carve out a good groove is a talent few people have and I am continually in search of that talent.

That's me so far.


Anonymous said...

RD, your story reminds me soooo much of my big brother, its uncanny !

Danny said...

Your description of your drumming skills are just how I describe mine. Cheers man. :D