Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Funk it!

My funk band is almost ready. We have our first gig next Tuesday and we are primed and ready to go like a top class athlete about to win gold. ( I wish!)

I have been involved with this band for about a year now, but it is only in the last 4 or so months that we have got the line up finalised and have put the finishing touches to our songs. One thing I have witnessed is how hard it can be to get eight people to agree on anything, from "can you do a practice next Sunday?" to choosing our name. It was hard enough in my last band with 5 but this beast is another matter!

It has been a huge positive learning experience for me as I have never been in a band playing originals before. I think I am pretty good at playing covers, learning them is an art that I am comfortable with. However, the world of originals has proved fascinating and hard yet more rewarding in many ways.

It is so satisfying to listen to the eight (ish) songs we have written and know that I have been responsible for creating as well as playing the drum parts. It feeds my ego and I am not ashamed to admit that. To hear a song and think "I came up with the idea for that break" or similar makes me feel like a real musician.

I always find that rehearsals are more focused when a gig or something similar is imminent and last night's one was no exception. We have one more rehearsal on Sunday night then the big one is on Tuesday evening.

I know I am biased but there are moments when I get chills down my spine when I hear us in full flow. There is something special in hearing 8 people making a noise that some would call funk. The 3 piece horn section are all great individual players but, more importantly, play and harmonise superbly together. The bassist, the percussionist and me (drums) are beginning to sound and feel like a well grounded rhythm section. The singer, Debby has a lovely and powerful voice and the guitarist seems to be able to play anything and make it sound genuine.

More significantly I think we are now sounding like a band. All great bands have synergy and I think we are beginning to have some of our own. There is plenty more work to do but the gig is the first step on that route.

So, if you're around and free please come. It is at the Cellar Bar in Bracknell on 4th April at about 9PM. We are called Mimosa. I know that may be hard if you are in Colombo but I'd still love to see you there.

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