Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jo's fired

Jo Cameron was finally fired by Sir Alan Sugar on The Apprentice last night. I reckon that she probably generated equal volumes of sympathy, admiration, scorn and laughter amongst the audience.

Sympathy and admiration because very few will doubt her genuine passion and depth of character. It was characterised by her tears when she couldn't get the others to agree with her on the calendar they should design to raise money for Great Ormond St. This was a person who really felt passionate about it but just couldn't get her point across.

Scorn and laughter because she has the body language of a character from Tom and Jerry. I am talking about the really great Tom and Jerrys, you know, the ones directed by Fred Quimby. Jo's ability to disguise her true emotions and feelings was only matched by Sir Alan's diplomatic skills. Watching her bite her lip or jumping with joy or crying or punching the air with delight may endear her to viewers of the American programme but it is just not British.

It was her fourth time in the last boardroom scene and as Sir Alan said, "I ain't religious or nuffin' but someone up there is telling me somefin'. " Just like David Beckham in the '98 World Cup against Argentina - she had to go.

Am I the only person to wonder why Sir Alan's boardroom table looks like a swimming pool? It would be much more adventurous if they filled it with piranhas and threw the rejected candidate into the middle of the table and watched the fight.

The programme is getting more interesting as we get to know each person a lot better. I wish we could get to know the real Alan Sugar. I have a strong feeling that there is a genuinely warm and nice person beneath his gruff exterior.

I was disappointed with the way in which the programme portrayed salespeople. As a salesperson myself I know that truly successful salespeople are honest and genuine. The only way to achieve long term success in sales is by actually giving people what they want. The great salesperson is what makes the world of commerce go round!

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