Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Get a hobby

Last night I felt really pissed off. I can't say why on here, but it would be accurate to say that I felt crap, low and thoroughly dejected. Mostly because of one thing but that is a subject I am choosing not to blog about. What I do want to say is that, after all the people in my house had gone to bed, I watched TV for a while. Nothing relevant, I surfed channels for a bit, caught a repeat of a great, but dark comedy called "Nighty night", which coincidentally, is written by, and stars someone I know, called Julia Davis. After that I thought about going to bed but made myself do about half an hour's drum practice, even though I didn't feel in the mood for it.

Well, after playing for about 5 minutes I totally got into it. My mind cleared and I just enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction I get when it's just me and my drumkit. I sat there, played a very simple groove and just played it for a while. No fills, nothing technical, just the simplest of rhythms - over and over. The power of rhythm is amazing. I could feel myself getting absorbed by the groove, my problems faded away, nothing occupied my mindspace except the drums.

To any non drummers reading this it might sound like I am being poncy. Any drummers reading this will probably know the exact feeling I am trying to describe. Other people get a release from their everyday stresses by doing sport, collecting stamps, drinking or any combination of them all. Or anything else.

When I woke up this morning did all my problems still exist? Of course they did! They were just as large and looming as they were before. ?But I felt better when I was drumming!

Whatever your hobby of choice - go for it. I think we all need one.

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