Thursday, March 23, 2006

The big Kottu meet up

Pic courtesy of Juavenita

This finally happened. After a few postponements they did it. I am continually fascinated by many of these blogs and the people and places they talk about.

The venue itself was a place called Barefoot. I use the term "place" for want of a better word. Barefoot is more of an institution (in the nicest possible way). The garden and cafe would count as one of my favourite places anywhere to just sit in and chill and relax in. Incredibly it is situated on one of the busiest roads in Colombo, probably the busiest road in Sri Lanka, yet when you are sat in the garden soaking up the atmosphere, you would never realise it. Barefoot sarongs are just the best.

Have a look here

I was particularly pleased that Indi has got himself some new trainers. He had a pair stolen from the beach at the weekend and has managed to get straight back into society. Good Man!

Look at the pic though. They all wore blue jeans with black and white clothes. Amazing!! What are the chances of that happening?

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