Thursday, May 11, 2006

Michelle Dewberry - The Apprentice

She won.

I am pleased.

As this amazing series drew to a close I became increasingly impatient and frustrated with Ruth, the Badger. She just didn't look genuine to me. Her on camera smiles all seemed to have an off camera grimace to them. There were expressions caught on camera that showed a hint of her "looking after number 1" attitude. If Ruth had won I would have been left incredibly disillusioned with the programme.

On the other hand, Michelle blossomed in the last few episodes. She had been in the background, doing good work but largely unnoticed. She burst through at the final hurdle. She looked cool, calm and competent and thoroughly deserved the title. Of all the contestants she was one of the few open and honest ones. When she messed up she admitted to it. "I was wrong to think I could manage Syed and Paul".

One of my highlights of the series was the emergence of Syed Ahmed and his "couldn't have made it up" personality. Someone should be talking to him right now and negotiating terms to make a fly on the wall documentary series following him as he progresses in his career. Or send him to the USA to make a programme following him there. It would make for fascinating and compulsive viewing.

There were lots of elements in the series and its making that I disagreed with but, I have to say, I agreed with the result. I would love to see the BBC make the next series with someone other than Sir Alan Sugar, a real business leader. Sir Alan, for all his wealth and success, is not a highly respected professional business leader. He boasts about making decisions himself and disregarding others' opinions. He call himself "one of the most belligerent people you will ever come across". He is not what most business people would describe as a role model.

I won't forgive him for firing Ansell and saying that he was "just a Salesperson". Salespeople make the world go round. Behind every great business person is a great Salesperson and many of the best ideas have failed because they have not been sold properly.

Amstrad is a large Company but it is not right up there with the Vodafones and the Tescos as being massive and hugely influential. As far as I know Amstrad, and Alan Sugar, made and sold some innovative products, mostly in the eighties and nineties, but I really can't think of the last time I considered buying an Amstrad product. Can you?

The BBC probably won't trade him in for a different model though.

He is great TV.

Michelle - Good luck, you deserved your victory.


Curious Yellow said...

Thanks a lot for that. I was just about to watch the final ep on my PVR and you fucked it up completely for me. :)
You're right though, I only watched it off and on but in the penultimate episode she did seem to be the most together person.
I reckon they should have a 3rd season of The Office with Paul and the Badger in them!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sorry about ruining your surprise!

I like your idea about The Office.Syed wiould have to be in it for sure.

Anonymous said...

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S said...

Michelle over Badger for sure - the Murder Mystery Party sucked!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey S I wondered where you'd been recently.


S said...

Still around - just didn't have much to say after I'd spent days in and out of Labour Ward!

Thankfully, no one was ill - just found myself supervising countless mothers having babies!

I like Muse more than Radiohead too - I've seen both in concert. Can't wait to hear the new stuff :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Days in a labour ward does not sound like my idea of fun. What hospital are you in?

I haven't seen Muse live yet but it's on my list of must dos.


S said...

St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

savi3 said...

hmm.. i dunno i think Michelle got it cos she's better looking than Ruth. i'm not saying she was a crap candidate but i think if Ruth was a bit better looking and less scary she would have won easily :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I'd like to think that looks didn't come into it but you never know for sure. I think the scariness of Ruth was a key reason for her not winning. She was too pushy and too "me,me,me" for my liking. She didn't look like a good team player. Someone asked me if I would employ her and I said "yes, but i'd give her a role where she worked solo and I think she'd perform amazingly".