Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mourn with me

Vanilla Diet Coke is no more.

My favourite drink ever.
I always loved cream soda, I always loved Diet Coke.
Then they made a combination of the two.

Cold, poured over ice, sometimes with Arrack.
Nothing better.

It's gone now, probably because I am the only person that bought any.

Please come back.
I miss you.
I'll buy double and I promise to drink it all.


Riz said...

lol y dun u buy the cream soda nd diet coke separately nd mix em togethr

childof25 said...

Vanilla coke with arrack!..hmmm each to his own I guess...btw what arrack do you drink?

S said...

My best mate and I were the biggest fans of this stuff.

So sad to see it's gone :(

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

riz - that's just too much effort!

C of 25 - I love arrack but my taste isn't refined enough to be bothered about brand

S - We should start a petition