Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot in the city

Yesterday the temperature in London went up to 32 C and those weather chaps reckon it could hit 37 C today.

It's mad. The atmosphere seems charged, like it was in the Spike Lee joint, "Do the right thing".

You guys in Sri Lanka are used to heat like this and you live your lifestyles around it, but here we aren't really prepared for any type of weather. Air conditioners are working overtime, the sunglasses shops are minting it and sales of "The boys of Summer" and "Summer of '69" have never been higher. In some sort of amazing weird coincidence "Boys of Summer" has just started playing on the radio since I typed the last sentence, honest, I promise you. If I was Prime Minister one of my first important moves would be to ban the playing of those two songs, purely on the grounds of decency.

Sandals and flip flops are out in force, but usually just one pair per person.

London is buzzing with energy and heat and we love it.
In fact, it's so hot that I nearly wore my Birkenstocks to work this morning. I think that says it all.

By the way, no joke, but I think I saw an asteroid last night. It was about midnight and I was driving on the M3 towards London and I saw a blaze of green light in the sky. It was clearly a "tail" from something low and fast moving and the green light suddenly disappeared.

It was strange, but I did tell you the atmosphere was charged.

How's your home city today?


Dave A said...

Nice to see a Billy Idol reference in the title. What happened to him?

By the way, I liked the bottle bank post - poetic stuff.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Mr A!

Actually I think he's still around, one of my bandmates went to Guilfest at the weekend and I'm sure he said he saw him play there.

D said...

its incredibly unbelievably hoppin craaazy hot here in Toronto.... i thought living in SL for a good part of my childhood would prepare me for any kind of weather...but july iin TO is unbelievable...i'm actually looking forward to winter...missing London tho...:(..honestly this muticultural metropolis can be total balderdash sometimes....

childof25 said...

boys of summer by the Ataris? Or am I just showing my woeful lack in taste in music?!:)...dude for hot you have to try out Southern Cali or Arizona...gets to around 40 degrees in former and over that in the latter!

London is amazing in the summer, one of my favourite things to do was to sit by the thames with a pint in hand in the sunshine..ahhh..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

No, by Don Henley. A truly crap song!