Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's your favourite fruit?

Mine's a Rambutan.

The ratio of eating time to peeling time is quite low but all in all it's a delectable little fruit.

What's the protocol regarding the hard outer layer on the stone though? That bit that always comes off when you don't want it to.

Do most people try to eat the flesh without that bit or do you suffer eating that to get the most flesh?

Do you break the outer skin with teeth or nails (or something else)?

They are one of the few fruits that I hardly ever see for sale here in the UK.

These things bother me.


Fazli said...

Can anyone tell me what the English name for Rambuttan is?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I don't think the name is any different in English. I have seen them on sale in Tesco occasionally and they were called Rambutans then.

childof25 said...

mmmm...I love rambutans!! Dont think rambutan is a sri lankan name...check this link out for the perfect way to eat a rambutan

sach said...

First of all, I lurve rambutans and here in SL it is the season. Rambutan, mangus, durian everywhere...(yum yum except for durian)

About the hard outer layer of the Rambutan 'ataya', well I don't like to eat it but when you eat rambutan it is inevitable that it also ends up in your mouth. I don't think there's protocol but like you said, when you try to get most of the flesh, you end up eating that part as well. It ruins it a bit, don't you think?

By "Do you break the outer skin with teeth or nails (or something else)?" I'm guessing the red/geren part. It is advisable to break it with your fingers, at least here in SL cos there's dust and grime on that part.

Happy Rambutan-ing...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Yes, that hard layer definitely ruins the pleasure of the rest of the fruit. I am strictly a break the skin with my teet man. I would put Mangos straight in at number 2 on my fruit chart, with Mangosteen sticking at number 3.

I think Pineapple may make a late entry at number 4.

sittingnut said...

may be someone should try to breed a rambutan without the 'ataya' ( or at least its covering that is attached to the flesh that ruins the taste ) . then may be we can export them. :-)

Mr. Evil said...

MANGUSTINEEEEEEEE !!! Ok so i don't really know how to spell it :D But i love the crap! And man.. you see me going crazy like a monkey on the loose these days down all the roads in bamba.. ahhhhh.. i love that crap..

sach said...

I hear you Mr.Evil.....Mangus is orgasmic