Friday, July 14, 2006

Look what I did yesterday

I finally did it.

I found a design that I liked immediately and that I thought I could live with.

And I got it done.

It was an experience in itself. The tattoo parlour was full of "geezers" all covered in tattoos. A kind of painted brethren. All the other staff were popping in to see how Danny, my geezer, was getting on. This puzzled me until I was told that I had chosen a particularly intricate design and they were all interested in how it would turn out. This filled me with a mixture of pride in my impeccable taste and fear that it would look like crap.

Danny did a great job and my fear was clearly misplaced. I'm massively chuffed with it. My only worry is that everyone says it is addictive and I don't want to end up covered in them.

I also learnt that the correct way to pronounce the word "tattoo".

It's "ta'ooo"


Mr. Evil said...

nice very nice! By far most unique one i've seen ! Soon soon my time shall come.. i still await the perfect pin poking plan !!

childof25 said...

very nice dude...what is that design? Polynesian or something? It is a bit addictive in that I am slightly obsessed with finding some way of getting my right arm sleeved and my back tatooed after I got mine a couple of years ago...but its been 4 managed to hold out so far.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks a lot guys - I am more pleased with it than I imagined I would be beforehand. The design is some kind of Polynesian thing, I just picked it from their charts on display but it was one of 2 that grabbed me as soon as I saw them.

Electra said...

nice. it IS addictive. i'm literally holding myself back from getting another this soon...