Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye Tiny Little Fractures

I genuinely feel a bit sad as I write this. Child of 25 is bidding us farewell, doing a runner and fading off into the outside world.

Why do I feel sad? It's only a blog isn't it?

Well it's because it was one of the first Sri Lankan blogs I stumbled upon and began to read regularly. I followed N's progress from pretty much his first post. I've never met him in person but we've exchanged emails and things and, even though he likes Snow Patrol and James Blunt, he strikes me as one of life's good guys.

I suppose all of us who've read his blog have been part of his life, in a funny way. We've read about him settling in the US, of his trips to the Motherland, his growing fascination with photography and of course his ongoing search to find Mrs Childof25. I've enjoyed each bit, each insight into his life and existence.

N's writing is quirky too. There are some blogs that are side splittingly funny. There are some that are hard hitting and edgy, like an Ikea bookcase. N's is one that has always made me smile, but with a warm smile and a quiet little chuckle. His way of putting things across just does that.

On top of all that his was the first ever blog to link to mine, a grand occasion that feels a bit like losing your virginity. I'd like to thank him for that, the link bit not the virginity thing.

Good luck and thanks for the words Childof25.



Java Jones said...

Jeez man,you'll have some of them crying! But worry not, I'm sure N will still be present through his comments and other means.

N said...

aww man...I'm touched:)...As Java said I'm still gonna be around with commenting and watch for my photoblog to take off! Thanks for the appreciation mate and I look forward to continue reading ur blog!