Friday, April 18, 2008

Lately In The Sri Lankan Blogosphere....

It's been a while since I wrote one of these, so here goes.

The regulars that I read have been going through mixed times. Some have been as quiet as Mervyn Silva on a stag do and others have been as loud as a churchmouse who has lost his voice.

The big news, sad and all is the blog retirement of N, of Tiny Little Fractures. He's off and I'm among the many who'll miss following his life and the adventures it holds.

A couple of posts caught my eye recently because of the sheer quality of wirting they exhibited. I'm no literary critic or expert, my English "O" level probably doesn't give me the necessary qualifications to judge writing and literature in terms of the correct use of nouns and verbs and things. But I can read a thing and like it.

The first one was Java Jones' stunning little storyette "The Ultimate Freedom?" The first time I read it I had to remember to breathe when I got to the end, it had captured me so much. Since then I've lost count of the number of times I've re read it. It's one of those clever and thought provoking pieces that I'm sure will stick in my mind for longer than a Sri Lankan Airlines flight delay.

The second little gem was this beauty by David Blacker. It's about Cologne, the city not the fragrance stuff, though I reckon he could write just as vividly about the splash on thing too.

His writing is so crisp and descriptive that I was drawn in immediately and felt as if I was out drinking with him within about three sentences. He really should write a book or something!

I often say this but I hold on board so much admiration for these writing types, their power over words and language continually amazes and delights me.

Dinudu De Alwis, everyone's favourite sexual rights activist, has been going through some heartbreak and pain. It may in part have been caused by his post on the issues he has with Islam, nicely written, well presented yet probably not one that's going to win him any awards at the next Islamic literary festival. This comment to the post seems to be an equally eloqently written and rational response. Overall though Dinidu's blog continues to pull in readers. I think it's the wide range of topics covered and the honesty he portrays that attracts us.

After many weeks of almost total blogging silence Sach has launched herself straight back into the SL blogosphere with a bit of a stunner. It's a clever move of her to head the piece with that photograph of her and Theena running through the wilds. Her review has very probably had a massive positive effect on the viewing figures for the film she's mentioned too.

One of the most read via Kottu posts had been this by Pissu Perera. It's a girly one, all about losing and gaining weight and getting fit, but the way she talks about getting to the age of forty sure as hell makes me feel old.

T, her from Dance In A Triangle, the blog that changes its name more often than a Sri Lankan politician changes parties, has got clearance from Super Dad for her trip to SL in the summer. I sure hope my girls call me Super Dad when they're older, it would make a nice change from the names I get called now. There's vague talk of some kind of Sri Lankan bloggers meet up in July or August too.

Amila Salgado, not to be confused with Amila Delgado the Spanish midfielder, has yet another of his fabulously photographed posts up. The pictures of Dragonflies and other winged beauties are truly inspiring. I asked him how he manages to take these pictures and he told me that it helps if you kill them first. That way, if you're clever, you can staple their wings and legs to the leaf and have unlimited time to get a good picture.

The Missing Sandwich put out this highly readable post. She lists some of the things she has done in her life and some that she still wants to do. Ironically she calls the post "Never been kissed", but it's clear from the things she's done that kissing has been done, even some same sex stuff. What a girl!

As for the things she wants to do I have some comments;

"Bartending in Britain" - Why?

"Understand my parents" - Impossible, particularly if they're Sri Lankan

"Be swept off my feet" - see below

"Visit a dentist" - see above

"Have sex tied up" - see above

In other parts the Rumbling Lankan continues to regale us with endless, or needless, posts on how to attract eight million readers a day to your blog and what widgets you should include if you want to be the king of the bloggers. It's not my thing but I'm sure the Rumbler gets an infinitely higher amount of readers than I do.

Finally everyone's favourite Domestic Goddess has been out giving relationship advice. This is in between mouthfuls of chocolate swirl shortbread, which looked mighty fine to me.

That's about it for now. There is this painting exhibition on at Barefoot. If I were in Colombo I'd be there checking it out. Academic bro is off there tomorrow and I'm dead jealous. If you bump into him give him a kick or something and say it's from his better looking eldest brother. Thanks.

Have a good weekend and a belated Happy New Year to all.



Java Jones said...

Nice selection RD - and thanks for the compliments.

Nishadha said...

Readers are important for a blog , especially a one trying to make some money off it , if not why did you syndicate with Kottu ? Because you want readers right ? Other than attracting readers I have plenty other posts about many other topics :) , Thank you for the mention though , Btw I don't think I see you in , you should sign up , brings me good traffic :)

Nishadha said...

Forgot to mention , Belated Happy New Year to you too :)

themissingsandwich said...

Bartending? Who said that? Me??? Well, I better explain myself then - Just wanna do it for a day. Wierd kink. Hard to explain actually. Totally get you on the parents thing though. You should do these updates more often.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Nishada - Yes for sure readers and readership is/are important, just not my main motivator in blogging. No offence meant mate I read your blog every now and then, but it strikes me as more of a project to gain readership for the sake of gaining readership than many of the others that I read because I truly enjoy the content.

I'm unsure about the SL blogs thing but may sign up at some point. Either way, I'll continue to read your blog!

Darwin said...

Nice round-up, makes me click on random blogs currently not on my RSS so it's good to read the new stuff. Glad you like the look of the chocolate swirl shortbread! :D

Scrumpulicious said...

I especially like the comment about Sach's picture!

I read most of those too! :)

Nishadha said...

No worries , non taken , I do want readers but I don't think thats my main motivation of blogging , but I would like to know why you thought that way ? Maybe other might think like that as well but don't say it , would love to know why you said that

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Nishadha - I thought that purely because the majority of your content does seem to be about how to get readers, make money online, those kind of things.

I'm aware that you've also posted about other subjects, but it does seem to be a blog about blogging and blogging related activities. It's great at that and I pop in every now and again, but I prefer to read "lifestyle" blogs that, for me, give a more interesting insight into peoples' lives.

I guess it's a bit like reading books. I'd rather buy and read a good novel than a book about how to write books. Each to their own though.

T said...

RD you are hilarious! i was on the floor for that bit about Sach (sorry sach!) you really should do more of these posts.

and sorry for changing my blog name so often, im one of those fickle types. unlike an SL politician though, i have no ulterior motives!

i hope there IS a blogger meetup, cause i would really like to meet some of you!

Dinidu de Alwis said...

Hey! Thanks a million RD!

I come blog surfing (Is there a technical term for it now?) after a while and I see this! I'm overjoyed! :)

You've been very sweet men! The email and this kinda stuff... Thanks!

pissu perera said...

awww.. apologies RD! but i doubt you're the type of person who can be aged by reading a blog post, eh? :D

Gallicissa said...

Hi RD,
Good selection and thanks for the mention.

Theena said...

Very funny, man. :p

sach said...

so now i'm also dragged into being the butt of your jokes? lol oh well, it's not as bad as theena's wiener

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Theena + Sach - Hope you weren't offended!

David Blacker said...

Thanks for the kind words, RD. You should look me up for a beer or something the next time you're in Colombo. I actually posted a comment suggesting that during your Easter hol, but it didn't appear somehow.

Theena said...

Oh not at all :)

Nishadha said...

Thanks :)