Monday, February 2, 2009

Checking In

It's 1.21 AM Sri Lankan time on Monday morning and I'm in the Coffee Bean at the airport to board my snowbound plane home soon.

And what a fantastic week it was. My first Galle Lit Fest, so many other firsts and other bests.

Today I went to Jazz Unlimited at the CR +FC and met drummers galore. They were everywhere, as were my parents. It was a gorgeous and chilled way to spend my last afternoon. The battered prawns were superb too.

I think my coming weeks of posts will be random stories about the last days, the famous authors I met, the blokes playing Carrom and the string hoppers.

Beware and be ready.

Must go now.


Anonymous said...

Yep, dying to read your adventures! Please!!

ViceUnVersa said...

We are ready, where are you?
Hope the plane lands safe in Heathrow Mate. It's bad out there. All of us are snowed in, never seen it this thick in Old Blighty. You might want to take the next flight back.
Arrive safe and let us know.
And yes, good morning! :)~

T said...

i hear there's a nice snow storm awaiting you..

surani said...

Please don't blog on them string hoppers. Have pity on some of us who can't access them or cook them...