Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delete, Publish Or Reject?

There are some types of comment I never publish.


Ones that get personal about other bloggers, namecalling etc. If it's about me that's okay as I can make a vague attempt to defend myself if I want.

Anything that might offend or upset my girls if and when they eventually read the blog.

Comments by either Prabakaran or Mahinda Rajapakse. I just don't want to get political, you'd be surprised how often I have to hit the reject icon when one of them decides to leave a witticism.

That's it really. Other than that it's a free for all.

However, I nearly broke my rules to publish this one just because it was so funny.

New York Restaurants has left a new comment on your post "Academic Intercontinental Woes":

Hi,I found your blog through Google and it having very good information on Chicago Restaurants, I am found too much things in your Restaurant Guide like online dining & Chicago Restaurant that committed to New York restaurant worldwide.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

There were links in it but I've used my extensive knowledge of code and HTML and deleted them.

Why do they bother?

How do you decide on your blog?


David Blacker said...

Well, I do draw similar lines to you (though I'm cool with VP and/or MR dropping by) -- any personal attacks against people I love or care about gets binned. Attacks on other bloggers I'll tolerate if it's relevant (the attackees can always drop by and have a go too). Long drawn out fights in the comments section get moderated too (I like to keep things short and nasty). Multiple personality disorders (commenting under different names to look like there are many of you) wears thin too. Spam I'll let through if it's funny. To me.

ViceUnVersa said...

Follow the fine example set by the Rajapakse's.
It's your blog, you call the shots. You run a blog, not a democracy, as far as the blog goes, RD you are the dictator and you rule supreme.
I know the power can be so heady sometimes!

Hilal said...

Some of the most successful Blogs I know of - I'm talking about Blogs with 4000+ subscribers which generate around $1000+/month in advertising - They all publish inflammatory comments. The reason it's done is to encourage more debate, more arguments, and more comments. If a comment looks totally off the mark and promoting other sites which don't add value to the post. It's probably spam.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hilal - I might not have explained that as I meant to. I'll happily publish comments that are argumentative or inflammatory as I like a good argument as much as the next man. But I draw the line at personal insults to people other than me.

I've had a few comments where people have called other commenters names and it's all got a bit childish, those are the kind of things I'm referring to.

Hilal said...

Yeah, Fair Call. Sometimes though the kid in all of us brings about heated exchanges which can increase traffic and boost interest. But I get what your saying as well.

Java Jones said...

I haven't yet had to delete any 'offensive' comments - just the spam. However, I'm with you on the abuse of the 'uninvolved' and that which is irrelevant to the subject, if I had any to deal with. The only comments I've had that have been abusive to others were by Sittingnut - towards (who else??!!) Sanjana and Indi - and those did generate some extensive exchanges.