Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quick Nomination

His Master's Voice, as it speaks with this brilliant post.

It's funny, on the extreme end of the funniness scale. It starts off and you think it's a serious one, well I did.

Every time I read it, which is often, I crack up (pun intended) and I say that as a man who has had rather a lot of expertise on all things flatulence related.

This post screams, shouts, begs and demands to be in the book.

Vote on it, as Cerno will get all modest and think that it shouldn't be there, you know what he's like.


Lady divine said...

just read it!! I cracked up too..lol
such a good post!!!:)

Kalusudda said...

Yep, I vote for it, even though I noted in the comments that RD was not in the conversation!