Friday, February 13, 2009

Lately In The Sri Lankan Blogosphere...

It's my first one of these "lately in the.." posts for 2009 and so far the year has been highly active, as far as the SL blogosphere is concerned.

2008 tailed off with quietness and lullness, for any number of reasons, ranging from the Sri Lankan political / war / ethnic crisis / fight with the LTTE ( I really don't know how it should be termed) to Father Christmas suffering a bit from the credit crunch and having constipation on top of it all.

But 09 has seen a return to form from many of our top Sri Lankan bloggers. Here's my little take on the blogs, bloggers and total lack of involving me in the hot male bloggers business, not that I'm bitter or anything, not a bit.

Although the year is young one of Sri Lanka's biggest events so far has been the Galle Literary Festival (GLF) and there have been a load of posts on various blogs about it. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days there and had the time of my life. I met authors, bloggers (not that they're mutually exclusive), friends and family.

I've written a few posts so far but I guess, that if you're reading this, then you may have read my bits already. Ravana has published one of his all too rare but highly interesting posts on a few GLF participants here. By that, I don't mean it's rare for him to do an interesting post, just rare that he posts these days.

The photoblogs on the GLF have been plentiful. I saw these photographer chaps, and one chappess, going around with their sexy cameras and sexier lenses and it's been interesting to see the results. This Flickr site is the official GLF place to see the best ones, but many of the photographers have got them up on their own individual sites and blogs too. You know who they are.

I've alos noticed that, since the GLF, there has been a burst of writing and word related activity, I'm positive that this is no coincidence and is a direct result of the momentum and enthusiasm that the festival generated. One of the events spawned from the GLF was last night's open mic night at Barefoot. Indi tells us here of the thinking behind the event, then here he tells us, in a post that Kate Winslet would be proud of, how the evening went. I felt as if I missed the thing by a hair's breath, what with my parents and Academic Bro being in Lanka and the fact that I left there only last week. Gutted, as we say over here.

The thespians are rehearsing and fine tuning for Hamlet at Elsie's bar and their enthusiasm and feeling of energy is a bit infectious. Brandix tells us in many posts about what's going on, in between giving up smoking and wearing his kilt, and TMS gives us photos, background info and tales of slipper wearing over here. Dare I say it, but I wonder what would have happened if the slipper wearing people in her escapade were white. Hmmm...

Reluctantly I feel the need to mention this hot male bloggers tagging post that's been doing the rounds. It would appear to have been started by Scrumpulicious and it's spreading like that 25 random things about me on FB thing. Though not mentioned in any of the posts it's actually for hot male bloggers under the age of 35, so I haven't been mentioned apart from T's cruel and kind comment here on Sabby's blog. She says I'm hot, in an old man sort of way. I demand a recount.

After a spell of inactivity, in which he concentrated on some trivial things like work and retirement, Java's back with a bang. The posts are flying out faster than a Bob Marley tri shaw and range from the trippy poetic ones that only Java can do so well to the thought provoking intellectual items that he can turn his pen, or keyboard finger, to. Welcome back Java, we love you.

Kalusudda's back from his hols and is busily bullying his Grandmother into buying model tri shaws from Odel for him. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm just so into the fact that his blog is appreciated by many and it's all about being positive and constructive. It's vindication that good things can win and come out on top. If I was talking to Indi about it, then it would be Indication, something most Sri Lankan drivers might be unfamiliar with.

On the photographic side of the camera my favourite photographer and gin and tonic stirrer has been creating some black and white masterpieces. He told me recently that he has been, I suppose the term would be focussing, on black and white and his blog shows some of the results. I found this picture called The Moustache and the Turban to be particularly good, but they all are. Taking pictures and thinking in black and white is both challenging and different, it involves thinking in tones and shades rather than colour. Check them out.

There have been comments by the bucket load on Darwin's blog and I'd just like to send her my best wishes in what I'm sure are challenging times. I'm not a fan of these virtual hugs but I hope the wishes of everyone may help her in some small way.

DD has penned this rather poignant poem about thoughts in his head. Some who know me will know that I don't usually get poetry, it's a mystery to me, like women but occasionally I read a poem and like it. This is one of them. Is it just me or is DD's picture slightly creepy though?

The penultimate "lately" is about the Right Hon Man and his latest brainwave. Yes, Cerno's idea to create a book of Sri Lanka's top 100 blog posts is brilliant for a few reasons. First is the fact that the proceeds would benefit others, presumably those who need the help, hopefully not any of those very poor and struggling politicians. Secondly is the fact that we're all hoping to get a post or two included in the book. Us bloggers motivated by recognition? Never!

Lastly I come to my new favourite, well one of them, blogger, Dramaqueen herself. Though it's a few weeks old the post shouts for and deserves our attention. The Best Things In Life Are Me just cracked me up. "What was the last thing you ate?" the mystery interviewer asks her. "A toenail, it was delicious" she retorts. I wonder whose it was, and find myself a bit jealous of the lucky person with the missing toenail, unless it was still attached to the fellow.

There you are, the Sri Lankan blogosphere is buzzing and long may it continue.

Have a good weekend out there, but if you bump into my parents please don't mention my blog.



themissingsandwich said...

You know we were actually talking about that whilst muttering not-so-nice profanities and walking out. No white man in slippers or his bare ass visible for the world to see would be kicked out.

And RD, while we're at it, I think its time to fess up about that literary masterpiece of poetry you wrote recently. ;-)

ViceUnVersa said...

Oi Mate, it's just a pix of a statue of a god held by someone on top of an Elephant. Kataragama, Esala Perahera and water cutting festival in April.
Not creepy but eerie was the fact that if you look at the inner part of the umbrella that covers the god, you see a face reflected on it.
The family laughs saying I imagine it, I swear I see a face.
Re: Big girls blouse, NOT!
Enjoy the weekend, finally some sun graces us. I am (Fingers and everything else crossed!)
:) x

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

TMS - I don't think the world is ready to have my poetry unleashed yet.

DD - Maybe it's just me but it's a picture that I can't really make out, it's weird when you don;t know what it's supposed to be, I can see the feet and the rest just doesn't add up. It's like one of those 3d hologram pictures, when you have to move the thing back and forth in fron of your eyes and focus on something else before the image springs out on you.

You have a good weekend out in Herts too!

Scrumpulicious said...

I didn't really mean to start anything. I guess people just wanted to know my secret fantasies.... :)

Java Jones said...

Thanks RD - we love you too!!!

Dinidu said...

You forgot me? How could you! :(

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sorry Dinidu, dealing with the mental trauma of not being classed as hot is tough for me. I'm trying to get on with life and act normally but it's hard you know.

Dinidu said...

That makes two of us... :)