Monday, July 27, 2009

Drummer In Action

Morning all.

Here's my new favourite picture of an unknown drummer in action.

Good looking bloke eh?


Lady divine said...

Did you say UNKNOWN drummer?

I think I might have seen him somewhere..:P

nice! :)

Gallicissa said...

Ideed. He looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

"Good looking bloke eh? "

Yeah.. right. Monkey praises its own tail.

But why have you tried to blur the pic RD? Way to go man.. Upload proper pics and drop your silly pseudonym, you will have more credibility and respect. Yes, it means losing your blog virginity, but worth it anyway. Learn from that Gallicissa dude up above.

Sorry, i wish to remain an anon if you don't mind !

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

LD - perhaps "little known" would be better!

Amila - perhaps.

Anon - yawn.

ViceUnVersa said...

I have a sneaky suspicion that your Anon commenter is but one person. Obviously a stalker which of course means RD this makes you a celebrity blogger. You have much to thank this anon stalker for.
I think this stalker is in gay denial and very excited at the sight of your buff summer looks as proven in the pix. Therefore the request to make it clearer.
I am sure the gay angle must make you a wee queasy, but thats the price of fortune, eh?

Anonymous said...

The way someone made a fuss of himself and his pics, i had expected to see a Tom Cruise.

Puke.. Is this all? Like Mr.Bean and the Bugs Bunny "Meya" :P

Puke !

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - thanks for the congratulations. You don't mean, you're not saying, I can't believe this, you mean you think it's.....

David Blacker!!! Good God, I never realised.

Anon - no comment. Because you want attention.

David Blacker said...

Busted again!

ViceUnVersa said...

Oi Mate, Anon wants way more than attention from you!
And Blacker how could you?

Anonymous said...

OK ViceUnVersa doesn't like competition, but don't worry mate i'm not taking your male pal. (Just being polite).

@ RD, With all due respect to you, this looks a CORPSE or worse still an Embalmed Mongolean !!

I had expected a Tom Cruse the way you built your image before this climax. Sorry mate, this is Zero.

Climax could have been better with a Barefoot Sarong or a male thong from Marks & Spencers !

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Anon - Oh no, I'm so insulted.

Anonymous said...

does anybody actually know why that anonymous prat still keeps leaving such bizarre comments?!

viceunversa could well be right, the time and trouble he goes to certainly betrays some deep hang-ups, or he was just dropped on his head as a baby.

a different anon.

Anonymous said...

just one thing to do , disable Annons that is all. Simple and neat.

Dee said...

nice. the pic that is.

Anonymous said...

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